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 1744   Richard Johns (-1703)
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Richard Johns, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Johns might describe his life as follows.

I was likely born in the 1650s—perhaps in Virginia, or maybe in Wales or England. My wife, Jane Fox, and I reared 11 children in King William County on my 340-acre plantation devoted to growing sweet-scented tobacco. Records of King William County no longer remain so I can reveal little else about myself.
“Very sick and weak in body,” I prepared my last will and testament 12 January 1703/4. Henry Fox, William Thomas, and John Fox watched me scribble “R.J.” at the bottom of the page.
I provided for Jane to live peaceably on our plantation for the rest of her life, and divided my land and crops among our sons and daughters. I was dead by 20 March 1703/4 when the court granted Jane the right to be executor of my estate.
In 1704 Jane paid a form of tax called “quit rents” on 240 acres and they charged our son William on the other 100 acres of my plantation that had already become his. 

This loss of records in King William County makes correctly identifying the connection among the descendants of Richard Johns impossible. John Johns and Jacob Johns of Caroline County are undoubtedly connected to this family as Caroline was formed from King William County and is next to it.
William Johns is very likely of this family but we cannot place him among the several sons of Richard Johns.

Other men named Johns
In 1638 one Robert Johns, a James City County merchant, leased a square 16-pole site on the James River.  About 66 feet on a side, it would have been about the size to support a wharf and warehouse. Other than the fact that Richard had a son named Robert, nothing connects these two men.
One Richard Johns arrived as a headright for Roger Johns who held a patent to 250 acres in Northampton County in 1645.  Jacob Johns and John Adams were listed as headrights, too. Some consider Richard to be Roger’s son, yet there is no evidence Roger had sons. Although Roger acquired a second patent in Northampton, 300 acres in 1651, he eventually sold both parcels. 
One Richard Johns appeared as a headright when Southey Littleton got 2,340 acres in Northampton in 1656.  This is possibly the results of a returned voyage for Richard of Northampton.

Will of Richard Johns
Here is Richard’s will.

Will of Richard Johns
12 January 1703/4
In the Name of God Amen, I, RICHARD JOHNS, of King Wm. County being very sick and weake in body but of Perfect Sence and Strength of memory thanks be to God Allmighty Doe Constitute this. my Last will and Testament as followeth; first I committ my Soul into the hands of Allimighty God who gave it unto me trusting through the merits and intercession of my blessed Saviour Jesus Christ to have free pardon and forgiveness for all my Sins, my body I commit to the Earth to be Decently buryed at the Deferentions of my Exrs hereafter named and as for the worldly Estate It hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon mee I give bequeath as followeth,
It. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Jane Johns the Plantation I now live on and all the Land thereunto belonging as far as beaver dam run durein her naturall life and after her Decease to my Sonn Rich’d Johns and the heirs of his body Lawfully begotten for Ever but if Said Sonn Rich’d Dye without issue as aforesd then the sd Land to fall to my Sonn Arthur Johns and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten for Ever in Case of failure of issue of both my sd Sons as afores’d then my desire is that the Land fall to my Sonn John Johns and his heires for ever.
It. It is my Desire that my Sonn Rich’d have Liberty to Live on the Plantation with his mother dureing the time of her Life and in Case of their disagreeing then my desire is my sd sonn have Liberty to Seate and live on any part of my Land above named.
It. I Give unto my Sonn Wm. Johns one hundred acres of Land being the Plantation hee now lives on to him and his heires forever.
It. I Give unto my Sonn Thomas Johns one hundred acres of Land out my Land adjoining to the Land my Sonn William lives on to him and his heires for Ever.
It. I Give unto my Sonn Robert Johns all the remaining part of my Land in these parts after the above two hundred acres is Laid out to him and his heires for Ever.
It. I Give unto my Sonn Arthur Johns the remaining part of the devident of Land I now live on known by the name of the Island neck to him and the heires of his body Lawfully begotten for Ever but in Case of failure of Such issue then to my Sonn Rich’d Johns and the heires of his body Lawfully begotten for Ever and in Case of failure of issue as above of both my two Sonns then my desire is that it fall to my Sonn John Johns and his heires for ever.
It. I give to my Sonn Rich’d Johns a Negroe man called Will at the Expiration of three yeares after my decease and Dureing that three years the Said Negroe is to live with my wife and what Ever his labour Shall produce Dureing the time I Desire and appoint it for my Sonn John Johns toward the buying of a piece co Land to him and his heirs for Ever.
It. I Give to my Daughter Eliz’a now the wife of James Adams twenty shillings Ster’l.
It. I give to my Daughter Mary now the wife of John Randle twenty Shillings Ster’l.
It. I give to my Daughter Jane now the widow of Josias Randle Six hundred pounds of Sweet sented Tobacco and Cask Convenient.
It. I give to my Daughter Anne Johns two cows and calves and one Thousand pounds of Sweetsented Tob’o and Cask Convenient to be paid at the age of Eighteen yeares or the day of marryage which Shall. first happen.
It. I give to my daughter Martha Johns two Cows & Calves and one Thousand pounds of Sweetsented Tob’o and Cask Convenient to be paid her at the age Eighteen yeares or the day of Marriage which Shall first happen.
It. All ye rest and residue of my personall Estate both goods and Chattells that I have not All ready given away I give and bequeath to my Loveing wife Jane Johns whom I Constitute and ordain my full and sole Ex’r of this my Last Will and Testament Consisting of this and two other sides of halfe a Sheet of paper. In witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand & Seale this 12th day of January Anno 1703.

Descendants of Richard Johns
Information about the children of Richard Johns, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Richard Johns,  
 Arthur Johns (c.1678-),  
 John Johns,  
 William Johns,  
Henry Webber,  
 Thomas Johns,  
Robert Johns,  Joshua Fry,   Margaret Fry,   
Mary (—) Johns,  
Thomas Johns,  Mary Mehone,  Daniel Mahone,  
John Jenkins,  Nancy Layne,  
Robert Johns,  James London,  Peter Day,  Elizabeth Lyon,  Elisha Lyon,  
Nancy Johns,  Nathaniel Guttry,  
Frances Johns,  James McCabe,  
John Alexander Johns,  Oney Dillard,  William Dillard,  
John Tyler,  Elizabeth (Dillard) Tyler,  Peter Pearce,  
Sally Johns,  Fleming Duncan,  John Richardson,  
John Johns,  John Leek,  
 Elizabeth (Johns) Adams,  
James Adams,  
 Mary (Johns) Randle,  
John Randle,  
Apolina Randle,  
Josias Randle,  John Grant,  Richard Stith,  Edward Atkins,  
John Randle,  Robert Taylor,  Frances (—) Randle,  
John Douglas,  Susanna —,  
Josias Randle,  
George Simms,  Millington Simms,  Jane (—) Randle,  Jane Proctor,  Robert Proctor,  
Isham Randle,  Frances —,  
Richard Randle,  
Susanna Randle,  Ware,  
John Randle,  
William Randle,  John Wray,  Lucy Sims,  John Sims,  
William Harrison,  
Peter Randle,  John Randle,  Tabitha Lyons,  Mary Sims,  John Sims,  
Frances Randle,  
James Randle,  
Jackonias Randle,  
Alice Randle,  
Peter Randle,  
William Randle,  Ann (—) Randle,  
John Randle,  
Colby Randle,  
Ann Randle,  Richard Tillman,  
Barnett Randle,  
Elizabeth Randle,  Lightfoot,  
Susanna Randle,  Peter Jackson,   
Oney Randle,  
Rebecca Randle,  Jackson,  
Mary Randle,  
 Robert Johns (-1735),  
Judith (—) Johns,  
Robert Hughes,  Daniel Wilmore,  Frederick Cox,  
Martha Johns,  
Robert Johns,  Alexander Trent,   
Richard Brown,  
Joseph Johns,  Charles Realy,  William Reynolds,  John Fleming,   John Pleasants,  John Robinson,  Mary Reynolds,  Stephen Hughes,  
Elizabeth Howell,  
Francis West,  
Jane Wilmore,  Daniel Wilmore,  Cecilia (—) Wilmore,  
Elizabeth Howell,  George Radford,  John Owl,  
William Johns,  Elizabeth Howell,  David Seizer,  Elizabeth (—) Johns,  
Joseph Johns,  
Judith Johns,  Farris,  
John Johns,  
Martha Johns,  John Johns,  Jesse Johns,   
Robert Johns,  
Jane Johns,  
Thomas Johns,  Alexander Trent,   William Randolph,  John Twitty,  
John Twitty,  Robert Kent,  
Joseph Johns,   
Thomas Johns,  Martha Flippen,   
Ann D. Johns,  John Mullins,  
John A.S. Johns,  Elizabeth A.S. (Walker) Miller,   
Elizabeth Johns,  Richmond Allen,  
Jesse Johns,  
 Jane (Johns) Randle,  
Josiah Randle,  
 Anne Johns,  
 Martha Johns,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Johns - Revolutionary War Isham Randle - Revolutionary War
Richard Randle - Revolutionary War John Randle - Revolutionary War

Names on the map
Johns Creek, Powhatan County, named for Joseph Johns  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Randle-Randolph of Surry and Sussex.” Historical Southern Families, 5:56-62. • Includes some information on Mary Johns who married John Randle.

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