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 1724   Joseph Mayo (1656-1691)
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Joseph Mayo, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Mayo might describe his life as follows.

County of Wilts, England, was the home of the Mayo family for generations. I was born there at Poulshot, 17 August 1656 to William Mayo and his wife, Joane.
My wife was Elizabeth Hooper, the daughter of George Hooper of Frome, Selwood, and we were the parents of five children: Elizabeth, William, Sarah, Mary, and Joseph Mayo.
I died when I was only 35 and was buried 10 November 1691. My still-young widow, who outlived me 49 years, married a Styles of Somersetshire. After she died 20 May 1740, her nephew Dr. William Cabell represented our sons, William and Joseph, when they settled her estate.

Another son may have been George Mayo.

We have not identified Joane, the mother of Joseph Mayo.

Descendants of Joseph Mayo
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Elizabeth Mayo (1682-),  
 Maj. William Mayo (1684-1744),  
 Sarah Mayo,  
 Mary Mayo (1689-),  
 Joseph Mayo (1692-1740),  
Ann Carrington,  Johanna Mayo,   Joseph Hooper,   
Robert Easley,  William Easley,  William Mayo,   
Elizabeth Mayo,  Col. Thomas Tabb,  
Rebecca Booker,   
Philip Mayo,  
Thomas Tabb,  William Randolph,  
Ann Mayo,  Richard Kennon,  William Kennon,  
Elizabeth Marianna Mayo,  John Tabb,   
Elizabeth Marianna Mayo Tabb,  
Joseph Mayo,  
 George Mayo,  
Sarah (—) Mayo,  Amos Lipford,   
Elizabeth Mayo,  Paulina Mayo,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Legislators - colonial and state
Col. Thomas Tabb - Virginia Philip Mayo - Virginia

Selected sources
Mackenzie, George Norbury, LL.B., ed. Colonial Families of the United States. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1995(2):503-510. • Prepared for Edward Carrington Mayo, it covers the family of Joseph Mayo and William Mayo.

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