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 1716   Capt. Joseph Harwood (-1737)
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Capt. Joseph Harwood, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. Joseph Harwood might describe his life as follows.

My brothers, Robert and Samuel, and I were born in the 17th Century in Charles City County. Our father died when we were young and our mother, Joyce, married Andrew Meldrum.
I owned about 650 acres on Kittewan Creek near the present-day town of Weyanoke, just north of the James in Charles City County where I was a burgess, deputy sheriff, and a county justice.
My wife was Agnes Cocke and we had perhaps as many as six children. Some stayed in Charles City County while others went across the James to settle in Surry County. I am probably the grandfather of Mary Harwood who married William Clement and went to live in Amelia County.
I was dead by 1737 and am probably buried near Kittewan.

Joseph and Agnes were the known parents of Thomas, Joseph, Agnes, and Joyce named in the will of her father Thomas Cocke. Another son was likely Samuel Harwood to account for the several men of this name in the county. When John Ellis sold 230 acres in Surry County in 1746, both Philip and Samuel Harwood were among the witnesses to the deed.  Consequently, we have placed Philip as another son.
Harwood represented Charles City County in the Virginia House of Burgesses (1715),  was sub-sheriff (1689),  and a justice (1714). 
On 2 Jan. 1693/4, when Joseph Harwood gave to his brother Samuel a plantation on Kittewan Creek in Charles City County then held by Andrew Meldrum, Agnes Harwood joined her husband on the deed.  Joseph got 22 acres on Kittewan Creek next to his mother Mrs. Joyce Meldrum 26 Oct. 1699,  and paid quit rents on 659 acres in Charles City County in 1704. 
The court recorded the inventory of Joseph Harwood, deceased, April 1737. 

Descendants of Capt. Joseph Harwood
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Harwood (-1737),  
Samuel Harwood,   Maj. Samuel Harwood,   James Epes,  Benjamin Harris,  
Isaac Hill,  
Samuel Harwood,  Amedia (—) Harwood,  Warwick Hockaday,  
Elizabeth Blanks,  Matthew Rogers,  Anne (Blanks) Rogers,  William Gill,  Richard Gill,  James Pearman,  Sarah —,  
Nicholson Blanks,  Richard Gill,  Elizabeth (Blanks) Minge,  Elizabeth Minge,  
Bernard Major,  Rabley Vaughan,   
John Harwood,  Samuel Major,  
William Harwood,  Rabley Vaughan,   
 Joseph Harwood,  
Sarah (—) Harwood,  
Joyce Harwood,  
Elizabeth Harwood,  
Sarah Harwood,  
Rebecca Harwood,  
Lydia Harwood,  
Joseph Harwood,  Sarah (—) Harwood,  
Elizabeth Harwood,  
Howell Harwood,  
Anne Harwood,  
Absalom Harwood,  
Mary Harwood,  
 Agnes Harwood,  
Samuel Harwood,   
 Joyce Harwood,  
 Philip Harwood (-1777),  
Rebecca (—) Harwood,  
Philip Harwood,  Ann (—) Harwood,  Ann Bell,  Selah Rochell,   
Ann Bell Harwood,  James Bell,  Robert Jones,  Robert Pettway,   
Jordan Adams,  James Adams,  Rebecca —,  
John Parker Pettway,   
Hinchen Pettway,  
James B. Pettway,  
Betsy Adams,  
Philip Harwood,  
Amy Harwood,  George Long Jr.,  George Long,  Sarah —,  
William Long,  
Edwin Long,  James Williams Jr.,  Anne Capel,  Anna Andrews,  
Daniel Harwood,  Ann Barham,  Thomas Barham,  
Thomas Harwood,  Sally Mason,  
Daniel Harwood,  Nancy Adams,  
John Harwood,  Rebecca Champion,  Charles Champion,  
Mary Harwood,  
Rebecca Harwood,  James McLemore,  
Ann Harwood,  Lewis Reese,  
Sarah Harwood,  
Elizabeth Harwood,  
Edward Long,  Sarah —,  
Sarah Long,  
Samuel Harwood,  Agnes Richardson,  John Richardson,  
Susannah Harwood,  
Nathaniel Harwood,  
John Richardson Harwood,  Mary Murray,  Alexander Murray,  Richard Rawlings,  
Nancy Murray Harwood,  Richard Drewry,  
Fanny Murray Harwood,  John Holt,  
Polly Harwood,  Eldridge Newsom,  William Newsom,  Elizabeth —,  
David Harwood,  
George Harwood,  Mary —,  John Land,  
William Harwood,  
Mary Harwood,  Charles Barham,  Thomas Barham,  John Massenburg,  
Elizabeth Barham,  
Rebecca Barham,  
Amy Barham,  
Charlotte Barham,  
Mary Harwood Barham,  
Daniel Barham,  
Elizabeth Harwood,  James Williams Jr.,  
Rebecca Williams,  Bolling Longbottom,  William Longbottom,  Rebecca —,  
Philip Williams,  Phoebe Loftin,  William Loftin,  Elizabeth —,  
 Samuel Harwood,  
Elizabeth Rebecca (—) Harwood,  John Jacob Coignan Danzie,   William Burton,  
Samuel Harwood,  John Binns,  
Elizabeth Epes,   
Travis Harwood,  John Jacob Coignan Danzie,   David Merry,  Elizabeth (—) Harwood,  
Isaac Vaiden,  
Temperance Harwood,  Isaac Hill,  Edward Minge,  Bernard Major Sr.,  Bernard Major Jr.,  
Richard Goodall,  John Jacob Coignan Danzie,   
 John Jacob Coignan Danzie (-1783),  
John Jacob Coignan Danzie,  
Elizabeth Rebecca Danzie,  Stephen Edward Brodnax,   
William Taylor,  
William Brodnax,  
Martha Brodnax,  William Terrell Garland,   
Elizabeth Rebecca Brodnax,  
Edward Brooking Brodnax,  
John Travis Brodnax,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Stephen Edward Brodnax - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Joseph Harwood - Virginia  

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