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 1704   Christopher Carleton
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Christopher Carleton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Christopher Carleton might describe his life as follows.

My name appeared as Christopher Charleton when John Madison paid my passage to Virginia sometime before 1663.  Likewise the governor granted Mr. Christopher Charleton, 836 acres in New Kent County in 1674 that I renewed in 1681.  By 1683 patents to neighbors begin to depict my name as Carleton. 
In 1691 my plantation, which was north of the Mattaponi River, fell into the newly-created King and Queen County. Since most records for that county no longer remain, my report will be limited. I was dead by 1704 because the list of landowners paying a form of tax called “quit rents” in King and Queen that year included my widow, Ann, and three sons, Christopher, John, and Thomas. 
I evidently left about 900 acres when I died. Since Ann was due one-third during her life, they charged her on 300 acres and my sons split the remaining 600 acres. Christopher had 200 acres, Thomas, 200 acres, and John 300 acres that included 118 acres he got in his own name in King and Queen in 1699. 
Of course, my son Thomas was probably the father of Thomas Carleton who was born in King and Queen County 30 October 1721.

Thomas Carleton, the grandson, married Sarah Swepson on 31 March 1744.

Men named Carlton were landowners in King and Queen County in 1782: John Carlton King with 50 acres, Joel Carlton with 53½ acres, Thomas Carlton Swamp with 300 acres, Robert Carlton Baptist with 26¾ acres, Christopher Carlton with 37½ acres, and William Carlton Buck with 93 acres. Also taxed were Richard Carlton with 250 acres, Christopher Carlton Jr. with 100 acres, James Carlton with 225 acres, Henry Carlton with 200 acres, Philip Carlton with 100 acres, and Thomas Carlton Tailor with 100 acres.  Personal property tax lists for King and Queen County for 1782 include the names 19 Carlton men, 16 of whom owned slaves. 

Descendants of Christopher Carleton
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