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 1678   Mr. Cave
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Mr. Cave, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Mr. Cave might describe his life as follows.

I am the father of Mary Cave who married John Echols. John Cave, one of Echols’ partners in some land deals, was of course Mary’s brother.
So maybe my name was John, too. Yet because I was a resident of King and Queen County where records no longer exist, I shall remain anonymous.

Men named John Cave
The name of John Cave appeared several times in Virginia land patent records. In 1638 John Cave, who may have been John Cane, was a headright for William Morgan when they granted him land on the Chickahominy River. 
Twenty-nine years later, in 1667, a John Cave was a headright for John Foxhall when he was granted land in Stafford County between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers.  We have no reason to conclude either of these men were ancestors.

David Cave
David Cave was a headright for William Taylor in 1669 when they granted him 1,000 acres in Accomack County.  About 1682 the name David Cave appeared in a petition complaining about the Vestry of St. Stephen’s Parish in King and Queen County. A generation later, on 28 Sept. 1728, the governor granted patents in St. George’s Parish, Spotsylvania County, to David Cave of King and Queen County for 1,000 acres, to Robert Cave for 1,000 acres, and to Benjamin Cave and his brother-in-law, Abraham Bledsoe, for 1,000 acres. 
In 1735 in Orange County, which was created from Spotsylvania County the year before, Benjamin Cave secured a patent for 200 acres and Robert Cave and David Phillips patented 400 acres. 
David and wife, Sarah, were residing in Orange County in 1748 when they deeded 200 acres on Axton’s Run in Stafford County to Keene Withers. The deed revealed that the 1714 will of John Cave left the property to his son John who had died leaving no heirs.  The tract was evidently a part of 300 acres John Cave, a carpenter of King William County, purchased in Stafford in 1707. 
From these records one could hypothesize that David Cave, headright of the 1669 patent, was the father or grandfather of David, John, Benjamin, and Robert Cave.

Descendants of Mr. Cave
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Cave) Echols (c.1650-),  
John Echols,   
 John Cave,  
John Echols,   Samuel Craddock,  William Glover,  Mary Glover,  William Craddock,  
 Benjamin Cave (c.1703-),  
Hannah Bledsoe,  William Beldsoe,  
Elizabeth Cave,  William Johnson,  
Mildred Johnson,  John Sebree,  
Capt. Robert Johnson,  Jemima Suggett,  
Nancy Johnson,  William Rogers,  
Hannah Johnson,  Thomas Montague,  Robert Bradley,  
Benjamin Johnson,  Betsy Barbour,  
Elizabeth Cave Johnson,  George Eve,  
Cave Johnson,  
Sarah Johnson,  Laban Shipp,  
Valentine Johnson,  
Fontaine Johnson,  Duke,  
Lucy Johnson,  Suggett,  
John Cave,  Mildred Bell,  
Ann Cave,  Philemon Kavenaugh,  William Strother,  
Benjamin Cave,  Elizabeth Belfield,   
Col. Belfield Cave,  Mildred Christy,  Julius Christy,  Agatha Barnett,  
Elizabeth Cave,  
Benjamin Cave,  Jane Moore Glassel,  
Elizabeth Cave,  Valentine Johnson,  
Joseph Cave,  
Sarah Cave,  
Philip C. Cave,  
Hudson M. Cave,  Delia M. Barbee,  
Belfield Cave,  Lucy A. Cremora Jones,  
William J. Cave,  
Cremora Conway Cave,  James Lawson Kemper,  
Benjamin B. Cave,  
John McRae Cave,  
Sarah Christie Cave,  Zachariah Shackleford,  
Frances B. Cave,  
Emily Amanda Cave,  
Sarah Muse Cave,  Edward Cayson,  
Benjamin Cave,  
Elizabeth Cave,  John Bell,  
William Cave,  
Richard Cave,  Maria Porter,  
William Cave,  Mary Mallory,  
David Cave,  
Sarah Cave,  Strother,  
Hannah Cave,  Uriel Mallory,   
Richard Cave,  Elizabeth Craig,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Robert Johnson - Revolutionary War Benjamin Johnson - Revolutionary War
Cave Johnson - Revolutionary War James Lawson Kemper - Mexican War
James Lawson Kemper - Civil War William Cave - French and Indian War

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
James Lawson Kemper - Virginia  

Legislators - colonial and state
Benjamin Cave - Virginia James Lawson Kemper - Virginia

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