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 1666   John Bennett
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We are tentatively placing Diana Bennett, wife of John Hilsman, as a daughter of John Bennett.

John Bennett, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Bennett might describe his life as follows.

I was living in York County as early as 1640 when I witnessed a deed, making my mark because I could not write my name. 
I knew Nicholas Clarke because he was one of three citizens designated by the court to settle a dispute between me and John Chew in 1647.  Clarke was the father of the first wife of John Hilsman, whose second wife, Diana, must have been my daughter.
Since Diana was illiterate, too, she made her mark as “D.B.” when she witnessed Clarke’s will. Because one of her sons named a son Bennett Hilsman, she must have been born Diana Bennett.

A patent for Joseph Hayes for 300 acres in York County in 1651 mentioned Bennett’s Creek and the land of John Bennett. 
Poropotank Creek lies across the York River in Gloucester County. With Thomas Leechman, one John Bennett got a patent on the north side of the York River in Gloucester County 13 Jan. 1652/3.  Their tract was near Poropotank Creek.  Leechman and Bennett sold their tract to Robert Jones who sold it to Richard Anderson by 1662. 
Bennett appeared as a headright for Nicholas Seabrell when he got 150 acres on the north side of the York River 1 March 1658/9.  The Gloucester Bennett may have been a different John Bennett.
Ralph Graves received a certificate in York County 25 Jan. 1666/7 for several headrights, including John Bennett. 

Descendants of John Bennett
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Diana (Bennett) — Hilsman,  
John Hilsman,   
Elizabeth (—) Blackstone,  James Blackstone,  William Wise,  John Chiles,  
Edward Palmer,  Thomas Palmer,  
Diana Blackstone,  
Frances Blackstone,  
Robert Blackstone,  
Martha Blackstone,  
John Blackstone,  William Rivers,  Sarah (—) Blackstone,  William Jeter,  
Thomas Jones,   
Elizabeth Blackstone,  
Mary Blackstone,  Elder,  
Susanna Blackstone,  Charles Cook,  
William Wrenn,  
John Cook,  William Wrenn,  
Diana Blackstone,  
Sarah Blackstone,  
Capt. Richard Palmer,  William Palmer,  Grissell Henderson,  Pauncey Anderson,  Edward Stringer,  Francis Jerdone,  Christopher Hudson,  
Peter Akin,  John Potter,  
Matthew Burt,  
Edward Palmer,  Edward Lewis,  
William Goode,  
Esther (—) Palmer,  
Susanna Palmer,  Peter Torian,  
Mary Palmer,  Abner Boyd,  
Patsy Palmer,  George Torian,  
Drury Palmer,  Mary Faulkner,  
James Palmer,  Martha Hester,  James Hester,  
John Palmer,  
Elizabeth Palmer,  
William Palmer,  Elizabeth Lewis,  Edward Lewis,  Mary Bressie,  Mary Bressie,  
Mary Palmer,  George Camp,  

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