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 1662   Christopher Branch III (c.1658-1727)
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Christopher Branch III, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Christopher Branch III might describe his life as follows.

Colonial courts dealt with a variety of issues and summoned witnesses to testify. According to two depositions, I was born about 1659,  perhaps closer to 1658 since I was living in my own household in 1679. 
Consequently, I was in my 30s when the Henrico court granted me a license to marry Anne Sherman 13 April 1693.  John Crowley, had left her a widow a few years earlier giving all his estate to “loving wife Anne.”
Henrico County taxed me on 646 acres in 1704, the same year that Anne and I gave 125 acres that had belonged to her late husband to our minor son, Henry. 
Anne and I were the parents of 7 known children. My mother-in-law gave some property to our son Christopher and remembered Cicely and Ann in her 1703 will. My will named Henry, Mary, Susannah, and Obedience. A great-grandson was William Branch Giles, governor of Virginia.
A 68-year-old grandfather, I prepared my last will and testament 11 August 1727 and died later that year. 

Christopher was dead by 1 Jan. 1727/8 when the Henrico County court ordered his will recorded.

Descendants of Christopher Branch III
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Branch (-1748),  
Amy Branch,   
Dudley Digges,   
Christopher Branch,  John Archer,   Mary Epes,   John Worsham,   
Charles Burton Jr.,   William Thompson,  
Christopher Branch,  Ann (—) Branch,  
William Ball,  
Martha Archer Branch,  John Friend,   Thomas Howlett,   
Archer Branch,  Francis Epes,  Mary Bernard,  William Bernard,  
Joseph Branch,   
Elizabeth Branch,  Henry Archer, Gent.,   
Martha Branch,  
Henry Branch,  Thomas Branch,   Thomas Branch,   Charles Burton,   John Vasser,  
Tabitha Fowler,  John Fowler Sr.,  Judith Hobson,  Matthew Hobson,  
William Branch,  Elizabeth (—) Branch,  
Judith Branch,  
John Branch,  
Paulina Fowler Branch,  Thomas Fore,   Paulina Fowler,  John Fowler,  
Henry Branch,  George Markham,   
Matthew Hobson Branch,  
Robert F. Branch,  Mary Tatum,   Harriet (Coalman) Johnson,  
Lucy Branch,  
Susanna Branch,  Joseph Branch,   
Elizabeth Branch,  
John Worsham,   
William Giles,   Thomas Worsham,  
Daniel Worsham,  William Worsham,  Rosamond Webster,  
Henry Worsham,  Frederick Worsham,   Thomas Branch Willson,   
William Stone,  Martha (Worsham) Stone,   Abel Blankenship,  Frances (Worsham) Blankenship,  
Capt. John Worsham,  Thomas Branch Willson,   
Joseph Royall,   
Capt. William Worsham,  Margaret Jones,   
Branch Jones Worsham,  Susannah Rochet M. Booker,  
Cornelia Worsham,  
Feliciana Worsham,  Richard W. Price,  
Branch Worsham,  
Margaret J. Worsham,  Matthew Anderson,  
Sarah M. Worsham,  Nathan Harvey,  
Elizabeth Branch Worsham,  William Branch,  
Lucy H. Worsham,  Samuel C. Anderson,  
Judith F. Worsham,  John R. Williams,  
Mary Ann Worsham,  
William H. Worsham,  
Samuel J. Worsham,  
Thomas Worsham,  Prudence Gooch,  
Henry Worsham,  
Elizabeth Branch Worsham,  William Robertson,   
John Booker,  William Finney,  
John Robertson Sr.,   
John Robertson,   
John Robertson,  
William Robertson,  
Henry Worsham Robertson,  Susanna B. Ellison,  Edward Bass,  
Edwin Robertson,  Anne Brooke Mennis,  Hodijah Meade,  Chloe S. Stone,  
Joseph Robertson,  
Elizabeth Branch Robertson,  
Martha Robertson,  
Lucy Worsham,  John Scott,   
Martha Branch Worsham,  Abraham Maury,  Abraham Maury,  
Clark Sanford,  
Daniel Worsham,  Mary Finney,   
William Branch,  Judith Scott,   
William Branch,  William Worsham,  Nathan Anderson,   Elizabeth (—) Branch,  
Joseph Branch,  Susanna Branch,   
Henry Branch,  
Thomas Branch,  Roger Atkinson Sr.,   
Francis Branch,  
Judith Branch,  Thomas Ligon,  
Martha Branch,  
Ann Branch,  William Giles,   
 John Giles,  
Barnaby Wells,  Moses Overton,   Obedience (—) Giles,  
 William Giles,  
Mary Mattox Ellis,  John Ellis,  Richard Tunstall,  William Giles,   
Elizabeth Giles,  John Booker,   
Richard Booker,  
Anne Booker,  John Garland Jefferson,   
John Booker IV,  
Judith Booker,  Edward Eggleston,  William Eggleston,  Judith Cary,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Joseph Cary Eggleston,  Mary Jane Craig,  George Craig,  Joseph William Eggleston,  
Elizabeth Booker,  John Chaffin,   
Martha Booker,  
William Booker,  
Daniel Booker,  
Richard Booker,  
Ruth B. Scott,  
Arthur I. Booker,  
Frederick A. Booker,  
Martha Giles,  Maj. Joshua Chaffin,   Elizabeth Tinsley,   
Mary Giles,  Samuel Jones,   
Edward Bass,  
James Murray,   
William Edward Bass,  
Ann Giles Bass,  
Amy Giles,  Benjamin Moseley,   
Thomas Lockett,   
Thomas Carr,   
Mary Moseley,  Samuel Watkins,  Edward Watkins,  Rhoda Thompson,  
Ann Branch Moseley,  Joseph Eggleston Cocke,   Samuel Jones,   
Elizabeth Giles Moseley,  Edward Osborne Branch,   
Eppes Branch,  
Ann Branch,  Jones,  
Frances Branch,  
Benjamin Branch,  
Eliza Branch,  
Sarah Branch,  
Francis Moseley,  
William Branch Giles,  George Wythe,  
Martha Peyton Tabb,   
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Frances Ann Gwynn,  Thomas Peyton Gwynn,  
Frances Peyton Giles,  
Ann Augusta Giles,  Dr. James H. Conway,  William Jones Barksdale,   
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Gustavus A. Myers,  
Susan Conway,  
Thomas Tabb Giles,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Harriet Peyton Tabb Giles,  Abner Giles,  
Thomas Peyton Giles,  
William Branch Giles,  
Ann Elizabeth Giles,  Joseph D. Halyburton,  
Frances Ann Giles,  
John Giles,  
 Mary (Branch) Walthall,  
Richard Walthall,   
John Pride,   
Henry Walthall,   
Richard Walthall,  Elizabeth Walthall,   
Ann Walthall,  Philemon Holcombe Sr.,  
Elizabeth Holcomb,  John Bibb,   
Arthur Moseley,   
Josiah Moseley,   
William Bibb,  Mary A. (—) Thompson,  
Philemon Holcomb Bibb,  Martha Fuqua,  
John Bibb,  Susanna Marshall,  William Marshall,  Walthall Holcomb,  John Marshall,  
Branch Holcomb Bibb,  Lucy Scott,  John Scott,  
Richard Walthall Bibb,  
Thomas Bibb,  
Susanna Bibb,  Samuel Carter,  
Sarah Bibb,  Benjamin Marable,  George Marable,  
Ann Bibb,  Arthur Moseley,   John Blanks,  
John Holcomb,  Martha Venable,   
Lt. Philemon Holcomb,  
Branch Holcomb,  
Walthall Holcomb,  
Isabel Walthall,  
Mary Walthall,  William Allen Burton,   
Elizabeth Walthall,  
Christopher Walthall,  
Obedience Elam,   
Christopher Walthall,  Patience (—) Walthall,  Henry Anderson Jr.,   
Nancy Walthall,  John Nash Haskins,   
Elizabeth Walthall,  Edward Haskins,   Edmund Wilson Lockett,   
Richard Walthall,  Frances (—) Walthall,  John Baker,  
William Walthall,  
Christopher Walthall,  Sally Sudbury,  John Sudbury,  
Richard Walthall,  
Phoebe Walthall,  
Ann Walthall,  Alexander Marshall,   
Sarah Walthall,  Thomas Branch Willson,   
Obedience Walthall,  James Gates,  William Gates,  Elizabeth —,  
Henry Walthall,  
Christopher Walthall Sr.,   
John Perdue,  
William Walthall,  Walter Childs,  Robert Farguson Jr.,  
Anne Elam,   John Patterson,  
Peter Burton,   
Elizabeth (—) Walthall,  
Benjamin Walthall,  
Richard Walthall,  Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
William Walthall,  Lucy Willson,   Sally Perkinson,  
William Old,   Charles Old,   
Rev. Robert Walthall,  Lucy Walthall,   
Nancy Walthall,  William Walthall,   
Lucy Walthall,  William Hastings,  
Branch Walthall,  Mary Peterson (—) Walthall,  
Judith Avery,  
William Henry Walthall,  Rigley Hood,  
Frances Ann Walthall,  Jeremiah M. Rea,  
Martha P. Walthall,  William Henry Ligon,   
Mary Walthall,  John Morgan,   
Frances Walthall,  Robert Bevill,   
Martha Tatum Bevill,  Frederick Dunnavant,  
Francis Bevill,  
Claiborne Bevill,  Ann Talley,  
Burwell Bevill,  
Anna Bevill,  Williams,  
Lucy Bevill,  Henry Stafford,  
Mary Bevill,  Daniel Jefferson,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  Morgan,  
Martha Walthall,  Charles Old,   Benjamin Crawley,   
John Chappell,   William Old,   
Lucy Walthall,  John Phelps,  
 Susannah (Branch) Bass,  
 Obedience (Branch) Cheatham (-1774),  
William Cheatham,   
 Christopher Branch IV,  
 Ann Branch,  
 Cicely (Branch) Bass (1695-1770),  
William Bass,  Mary Faile,  William Bass,  Martha Clay,   Mary Walthall,   
Thomas Branch,   Benjamin Branch,   Seth Ward,   
Benjamin Walthall,   
Christopher Bass,  Alexander Bass,  
Arthur Moseley,   
John Farmer,  
Frances Beasley,   
William Bass,  
Thomas Walthall,   
Mary Baskerville,   
Mary Hudson,   Charles Hudson,   Christopher Bass,   
Ann Bass,  Samuel Rudd,  Lewellyn Hudson,   
Mary Walthall Bass,  Maj. Joseph Dinwiddie,  
Elizabeth Hunter Dinwiddie,  Daniel Jasper,  Reese Bryan,  
William Walthall Dinwiddie,  Nancy Bryan,  
Celina Frances Dinwiddie,  Robert H. Walthall,  
Christopher Bass,  Phoebe Cogbill,   Polly Farmer,  Francis Farmer,  
Frances Bass,  
Elizabeth Bass,  
William Chamberlaine Bass,  Judith Jordan Chamberlaine Hudson,   
Christopher Bass,  
Mary Bass,  
Edward Bass,  Flournoy,  
Col. Joseph Bass,  William Walthall,   
Isham Thompson,  
Peterfield Trent,   Elizabeth (—) Bass,  
Elizabeth Royall,   
Elizabeth Bass,  Henry T. Anderson,   
Elizabeth R. Anderson,  
Martha R. Anderson,  
Dr. Joseph Bass Anderson,  Sarah Scott Meriwether,  
Jane Segar Archer,   
Sarah Ann E. Anderson,  Peter F. Harris,  Joseph Edward Harris,  
Col. Judertha H. Davis,  
Martha R. Anderson,  Col. James M. Austin,  
Joseph Bass Anderson,  
Francis Jane Anderson,  William Ferdinand Chamberlayne Gregory,  Judith Friend Willson,   William Gregory,  
Laura Anderson,  
Mary Chastain Anderson,  Josiah M. Jordan,  
James Powell Anderson,  Caroline S. (—) Anderson,  
Ann Anderson,  
Stephen C. Anderson,  Pamelia Howlett,  James Howlett,  
Peter Henry Anderson,  
Joseph Bass,  Jane Manlove,   
Christopher Manlove Bass,  
Elizabeth Bolling Bass,  
Mary Ann Bass,  John H. Davis,  
Arianna Agnes P. Bass,  David Isham Wells,  Henry Bourdon,  
Amanda Ann Wells,  Francis Marion McKenzie,  
Adrian N. Bourdon,  
John C. Bourdon,  
Jane Manlove Bourdon,  Dr. Charles Zehmer,  
Joseph H. Bourdon,  
Thomas Castleman Bourdon,  Lucy Catherine Thweatt,   
William Bass,  
Peter Bass,  
Ann Bass,  Henry Stratton,   
Rebecca Bass,  James Fountain,  
Mary Bass,  Thomas Burfoot,  
Elizabeth Royall Burfoot,  Thomas Augustus Howlett,  Susan B. Willson,  
Otelia M. Howlett,  John Garland Jefferson,   
Joseph Benjamin Howlett,  
John Berthier Howlett,  
Henry Gustavus Howlett,  
Sarah Thomas Howlett,  Joseph Bragg Willson,   
Elizabeth Royall Howlett,  John S. Fitzgerald,  
Mary Bass,  William Walthall,   Henry Walthall,   
Mary (Walthall) Osborne,   Elizabeth (Walthall) Archer,   Martha Field Walthall,   
William Walthall,  Martha Field Archer,   
Capt. Joseph Ligon,   
Edward Archer,   
Francis Osborne,   
Mary Walthall,  William Downman,  Agnes Archer,   Benjamin Osborne,   
Elizabeth Walthall,  Peter Field Archer,   
Martha Field Walthall,  Francis Jones,  
Mary Walthall,  Edward Archer,   
Archibald Walthall,   William Archer,  
William Archer,  Unity Claiborne Jones,   
Field Archer,  
Robert Ingram,  
Martha Bolling,   
Powhatan B. Archer,  Margaret J. Walthall,  
Martha C. Archer,  John R. Bolling,  Robert Berry,  
Eleanora W. Archer,  Robert Berry,  
Frances Archer,  William Cousins,  
Mary Jefferson Archer,  William Covington,  
Lucy Ann C. Archer,  Edward Archer,  
Rebecca Archer,  
Edward Archer,  Mary Jefferson Bolling,   Ann Walthall,   
Peter Jefferson Archer,  Martha Woodson Michaux,   
Lucy Ann Gilliam,  Mary Jefferson James,   John Gilliam,  
John Walthall Archer,  
Dr. Edward Cunningham Archer,  
Caroline Wooldridge,  Archibald Logwood Wooldridge,   
Mary Susan Archer,  
Jacob Michaux Archer,  Smith,  
Sarah Walthall Archer,  Robert Pleasants Archer,   
Catherine Jefferson Archer,  
Pocahontas Bolling Archer,  Robert Dunn,  
Martha Woodson Michaux Archer,  
William Segar Archer,  Mary Finley McIlwaine,  James McIlwaine,  Frances Susan (Walthall) Dunn,  
Edward Ellsworth Archer,  Mary Ann Shore,  Thomas Shore,   Mary Harriet Bolling,  
Thomas Shore Archer,  
Harriet Bolling Archer,  Hugh Nelson,  
Mary Ann Archer,  
Elizabeth Lynch Archer,  
Edward Ellsworth Archer,  
John W. Archer,  
Alexander Shore Archer,  
William Archer,  Davis,  
Ann Frances Marie Archer,  
Elizabeth E. Archer,  Dr. Joseph Dudley,  
Dr. William Arthur Dudley,  Lydia Ann (—) Dudley,  
Martha Imogene Archer,  George W. Caperton,  
Ann Cornelia Archer,  
Mary Archer,  John Royall Bradley,  
Elizabeth Archer,  
John Walthall,  Frances Baugh,   William Jones,  
Sally Walthall,  Nathaniel Friend,   Richard Craddock,   
Charles Friend,   
George Cox,   
Mary W. Friend,  George Cox,   Lodowick Tanner,  
Judith Cox,  Richard Booth,  
Thomas Booth,  
Susan F. Cox,  Thomas Friend,   
Martha Cox,  Rev. Charles Washington Friend,   
George Cox,  Margaret Cole Gregory,   
Frances Cox,  Richard Augustus Gregory,   
Martha Friend,  Edward Cox,   
John Friend,  Judith Cox,   Susan Ball,  Elizabeth Cheatham,   Capt. William Ball,  
Dr. Alfred Friend,  Mary Clarke,  William B. Clarke,  
William N. Friend,  Sarah D. Powell,  Edward Powell,  
Nathaniel Edwin W. Friend,  Mary T. Walke,   Mrs. Marietta E. (—) Booth,  
Thomas Cheatham Friend,  
Nathaniel Friend,  Elizabeth Gilliam,   
Charles Friend,  Mary (—) Friend,  
Dr. Nathaniel Gilliam Friend,  Ann Robertson,  William Robertson,   
John Gilliam Friend,  
Thomas Friend,  Archer Branch,   
Archibald Walthall,  
Frances Netherland,  Wade Netherland,  
Ann Walthall,  Edward Archer,   
William Walthall,  Sally Michaux,   Edward Baugh,  
Sarah Walthall,  Thomas Nelson Cogbill,   
Sally Nelson Cogbill,  
Frances Walthall,  Dr. Robert Pleasants Archer,   
Elizabeth Walthall,  Dr. Robert Bolling Cabell,   
Archard Walthall,  
Sgt. John Walthall,  
Mary Walthall,  
Susanna Walthall,  William H. Walthall,  
Ann Bass,  William Walthall,  Benjamin Branch,   
Elizabeth Bass,  Joseph Wilkinson,   
Angelica Wilkinson,   
Henry Mills,  
Edward Wilkinson,  Priscilla (Wilkinson) Embry,   
Joseph Wilkinson,  Obedience Branch,   
Sarah Bass,  Thomas Friend,   Walter Buchanan,  Robert Vaughan,   Robert Vaughan,   
Nathaniel Friend,   
Sarah Friend,  George Woodson,   
Sarah Woodson,  
Caroline Matilda Woodson,  
Charles F. Woodson,  
Maria Woodson,  
Charles Friend,  
Thomas Friend,  
William Friend,  Catherine Craig,  Adam Craig,  
Ann Patteson,  David Patteson,  Francis S. O’Reilley,  Samuel Patteson,  
Robert Vaughan,   
Thomas Friend,  Susan F. Cox,   Elizabeth R. Rowlett,  Peter Rowlett,  
Mary Susan Friend,  Hatcher,  
Martha Ann Friend,  Hatcher,  
Maria Thomas Friend,  Hatcher,  
Thomas R. Friend,  
Catherine Friend,  
Elizabeth Friend,  
Rev. Charles Washington Friend,  Martha Cox,   Charles Woodson,  
George William Friend,  
Robert Craig Friend,  
Thomas Henry Friend,  
Rev. Charles Nathaniel Friend,  
Ann Catherine Friend,  Robert Whiting,  
Sarah Frances Friend,  
Charles Woodson Friend,  
Mary Elizabeth Friend,  
Charles Edward Friend,  
Ann Stevenson Friend,  
Catherine Friend,  
William Craig Friend,  
Martha Maria Friend,  James M. Johnston,  Thomas W. Dudley,  
Ann Friend,  Tarleton Woodson,   
Thomas Bass,  
Archard Bass,  
Thomas Bass,  Thomas Bass,   
Peter Bass,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Henry Branch - War of 1812 Matthew Hobson Branch - War of 1812
Robert F. Branch - War of 1812 Capt. John Worsham - Revolutionary War
William Worsham - Revolutionary War William Booker - War of 1812
Richard Booker - War of 1812 Benjamin Moseley - Revolutionary War
John Giles - Revolutionary War Capt. John Holcomb - Revolutionary War
Philemon Holcomb - Revolutionary War Branch Holcomb - Revolutionary War
Col. Joseph Bass - Revolutionary War Joseph Bass Anderson - War of 1812
William F.C. Gregory - Civil War Joseph Bass - Revolutionary War
Christopher Manlove Bass - War of 1812 Thomas Burfoot - War of 1812
William Walthall - Revolutionary War Field Archer - Revolutionary War
Edward Archer - War of 1812 Edward C. Archer - Civil War
George Cox - War of 1812 Archibald Walthall - Revolutionary War
John Walthall - War of 1812 William H. Walthall - War of 1812
David Patteson - Revolutionary War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
William Branch Giles - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
William Branch Giles - Virginia  

Legislators - colonial and state
Branch Jones Worsham - Virginia Abraham Maury - Virginia
John Booker Jr. - Virginia John Booker IV - Virginia
Joseph Cary Eggleston - Indianna Richard Booker - Virginia
William Branch Giles - Virginia Gustavus A. Myers - Virginia
Capt. John Holcomb - Virginia William F.C. Gregory - Virginia
David Patteson - Virginia  

Names on the map
Giles County, Virginia, was named for William Branch Giles  

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