Ancestral Family Topic 1660

 1660   Thomas Cheatham I (c.1645-1726)
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Thomas Cheatham I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Cheatham I might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1645 according to testimony I made in 1680, 1694, and 1720, likely in England, and came to the New World at the expense of Martin Elam. 
I paid 200 pounds of tobacco in 1681 to record a marriage license, but the name of my bride is unknown.  Since I owned some books, I must have been a reader.
Elam sold me 300 acres on Proctors Creek next to Henry Hatcher, Robert Hancock, and Francis Cater for 2,000 pounds of tobacco in 1691, and I paid 265 pounds to the trustees of the town of Henrico for half-acre lot No. 2 in 1692.  In 1704 I still owned my 300-acre plantation that sits about where Highway 288 meets Interstate 95 south of Richmond. 
I served on a coroner’s jury in 1679 when Thomas Adkins fell off Mrs. Skerme’s horse and died, and in 1681 when Walter Sher drowned.  I was a member of the grand jury that indicted William Ligon and Martin Elam for getting drunk and quarreling in April 1684, and was empaneled again in June 1684. 
I was 75 but “in health of body and perfect mind and memory” when I made my will 2 May 1720. I gave all my land to eldest son Thomas, my clothes to Jonathon, books to Marmaduke and Benjamin, and a pair of gloves each to Mary and Susanna. Mary Herbert, my servant was to serve out her employment agreement with my daughter Tabitha to whom I also gave my horse Norman I would have been 81 when the court recorded my will 1 August 1726.

In 1677 Thomas witnessed a deed of gift from William Harris and Mary, his wife, to Thomas Wells, Mary’s father.  He witnessed two powers of attorney for William Epes 20 Feb. 1681/2,  and in 1684 he witnessed a dead conveying land from Thomas Jones, his wife, Martha Jones, and his mother Mary Skerme to Repps Jones When Mary Skerme wrote her will in 1707, Thomas Cheatham Sr. was among the witnesses. 

Thomas Cheatham’s will

Will of Thomas Cheatham
2 May 1720
To son Thomas, that divident of land where he now lives, bounded by Proctors Creek, Indian Potam Path and along Arthur Moseley’s line.
To son Jonathon, my wearing clothes.
To son Marmaduke, 4 books.
To son Benjamin, 2 books and my own bed and furniture.
To son Thomas, items.
To daughters Mary and Susanna, each a pair of gloves.
To daughter Tabitha a servant, Mary Herbert, for the time she has left to serve (until said Mary is 21), a horse called Norman with a plush sidesaddle, one double-handed porringer, a dram cup, a scenting bottle, one gold ring, one bed pan, and one grand pewter candlestick.
To son William, everything else, and he to be executor.
To grandson Thomas Cheatham, one ewe lamb and one book.
Thomas Chetham
Arthur Moseley Jr.
John Clarke Jr.

Descendants of Thomas Cheatham I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Cheatham II (c.1680-1761),  
Tabitha (Osborne) Branch,   Benjamin Branch,   
Richard Grills,   George Cox,  Thomas Bottom,   William Cheatham,  
William Cooke,  John Pride,   
Edward Cheatham,  John Folkes,   Douglas Puckett,  
Thomas Cheatham III,  Ann Pride,   William Cheatham,   Thomas Cheatham,   
Walter Nunnally,  Edward Watkins,  
Curtis Keats,  John Bullington,  William Hall,  
Thomas Cheatham IV,  Avis Rudd,   
Bernard Cheatham,  Ann Rudd,   Lucy Robertson,   
Robertson Cheatham,  Martha Elliott,   
Samuel Cheatham,  Nancy Rudd,   
Peter Cheatham,  Sally Cheatham,  
Thomas Cheatham V,  Mary Rowlett,   
Branch Cheatham,  Minerva —,  
Nancy Cheatham,  Thomas Cheatham,  
Thomas Cheatham,  Polly Jordan,  Edward Jordan,  
Lucy Rebecca Bell,  David Bell,  Sarah E. Bell,  
Madison Cheatham,  Martha F. Gregory,  Thomas Silas Gregory,   
Clarky Cheatham,  Thomas P. Fowlkes,   
Sally Cheatham,  William Tucker,  
Jane Cheatham,  Robert D. Cheatham,  
Mary Cheatham,  James Cheatham,  
Eleazer Cheatham,  Martha Robertson,  Rev. Eleazer Clay,   
Prudence Cheatham,  Thomas Elliott,   
Tabitha Cheatham,  John Coats,  
Josiah Cheatham,  
Millicent Lipscomb,  Henry Lipscomb,  Amelia (Clarke) Lester,   
Millicent Lester,   
Millicent Cheatham,  Branch Tucker,  Robert Tucker,  Martha Keats,  George Tucker,  Frances (—) Tucker,  
Henry Clay,   William Tucker,  Curtis Keats,  Mary Keats,  Martha Keats,  
Catherine (—) Tucker,  
James Cheatham,   
John Cheatham,  
Ann Cheatham,  
Prudence Cheatham,  James Fowlkes,  Isham Cheatham,   
Josiah Cheatham,  
Isham Cheatham,  
Leonard Cheatham,  
Martha Walthall,  
Ann Cheatham,  Robert Goode,   
John Goode,  
Robert Goode,  Elizabeth Cheatham,   
Thomas Goode,  
Abner Goode,  
Sarah Goode,  Joseph Wilkinson,  
Elizabeth Goode,  John Forsee,   
Ann Goode,  Walthall Cheatham Goode,   
Maria Goode,  Elijah Gresham,  
Leonard Cheatham,  Mary Walthall,   Nancy Shackleford,  William Sublett,   
Sarah S. Cheatham,  Elijah Gresham,  Maria Goode,   
Josiah Cheatham,  Ann Walthall,   
Francis Cheatham,  
Archibald Cheatham,  
Joseph Cheatham,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  Robert Goode,   
Jane Cheatham,  
Thomas Cheatham,  Sally Ellis,  
Archer Cheatham,  Susanna Long,  John Long,  Joyce Washington,   Haley Talbott,  
Richard Cheatham,  
George Cheatham,  
Mary Cheatham,  Joseph Washington,  Joseph Washington,   Joseph Edwin Washington,  
Martha Walthall Cheatham,  John Goode,   
William Goode,  Mary W. Moore,  
Walthall Cheatham Goode,  Ann Goode,   Ann D. Lewis,  John Lewis,  Edmund Goode,   
John Goode,  Lucy Ann Bass,   
Frank Goode,  
Benjamin Goode,  
Meecah Pride Goode,  William Wooldridge Moody,  
Samuel Pleasants Goode,  Phoebe A. Wilkinson,  Samuel Wilkinson,  
Martha Wilkinson,  
Rebecca Goode,  William Walthall Archer,   James H. Bass,   
Martha Goode,  Alexander Sims,  
Sarah Goode,  
Lavinia Goode,  William Henry Bagwell,  
Daniel Cheatham,  
Agnes Robertson,  James Robertson,  
Obadiah Cheatham,  Lucy Jones,  
Phoebe Cheatham,  George Hightower Walker,   Edward Shelton,  
Daniel Cheatham,  Rebecca Cooper,  Francis Cooper,  
Reuben Cheatham,  Betsy Thompson,  
Bartley Cheatham,  Jane Walker,  
John Cheatham,  Nancy Vaughan,  Ambrose Vaughan,  
Samuel Cheatham,  Elizabeth Keeton,  Nancy Davis,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  Charles Smithson,  
Sarah Cheatham,  Joseph Keeton,  
Mary Cheatham,  William Davis,  
Samuel Cheatham,  William Blankenship,  Jeremiah Blankenship,  
Sarah (—) Cheatham,  
Obadiah Cheatham,  Charles Cheatham,  Margaret Rudd,   
Bernard Cheatham,   
Arthur Cheatham,  Anthony Hancock,  Nancy Hancock,  
Lavinia Cheatham,  Benjamin Cook,  Thomas Hancock,  
Isham Cheatham,  Phoebe Elam,   
Henry Farmer,  
Isham Cheatham,  Hannah Spears,  Prudence (Cheatham) Fowlkes,   
Phoebe Elam Cheatham,  Richard L. Chilton,  
Mary Hill Cheatham,  Gustavus Depp,  Thomas Depp,  
Tabitha Obedience Cheatham,  Tarpley Goode,   Robert T. Elliott,  
Tarpley Goode,  
Cheatham Goode,  
Polly Ward Cheatham,  William Gates,  
Ann Pride Cheatham,  John Labarreaire,  
Zaccheus Elam Cheatham,  Martha Elliott,  Prudence Elliott,  
Tabitha Cheatham,  Robert Elliott,  
Thomas Elliott,  Prudence Cheatham,   
William Elliott,  Phoebe Rudd,   
Robert Elliott,  Mary Wilson,  
Archibald Elliott,  Tabitha Robertson,   
Dabney Elliott,  Phoebe Baugh Walthall,  Rev. Eleazer Clay,   
Josiah Elliott,  Mary M. Sublett,  
Ann Elliott,  Thomas Baker,  
Martha Elliott,  Robertson Cheatham,   
Ann Cheatham,  Thomas Rudd Jr.,  
Ann Rudd,  Bernard Cheatham,   
Phoebe Rudd,  William Elliott,   
John Rudd,  Sinai Clark,  
Tabitha Rudd,  Nathaniel Penick,   
Thomas Rudd Penick,  Sarah Wilson,  William Wilson,  
Elizabeth Penick,  Christopher Robertson,  
William Penick,  Elizabeth Armistead Sydnor,  William Sydnor,   
Judith Penick,  Joel Hawkins,   William Owen,  
Branch Penick,  
Mary Ann Penick,  Daniel A. Smith,  
Louisa Penick,  David W. Talley,  
Mary Rudd,  John Pinchback,  
Elizabeth Rudd,  
Rebecca Rudd,  Henry Turpin,  
Samuel Rudd,  
Thomas Rudd,  Nancy Bass,  
Joseph Rudd,  
Mary Cheatham,  Simon Hancock,   George Markham,   
Green Hancock,  Janey Martin,  Irenia Brummall,  
Samuel Hancock,  
Francis Cheatham,  Mary Pride,   
Thomas Cheatham,  
Thomas Rudd,  Richard Perdue,  Henry Jordan,  
Francis Cheatham,  
Hannah Rudd,  John Rudd,  Hannah —,  
Charles Cogbill,   Edward Watkins Jr.,  
Patience Pleasant Cheatham,  Amasa Baugh,   
Mary Ann Pride Cheatham,  Elijah Palmore,  
Maj. Henry Cheatham,  Elizabeth Elam,   Nathaniel Tanner,  Nathaniel Tanner,   
Francis Lockett,  William Elam,  
Richard Cheatham,   John Farley,  
Mary Cheatham,  William Elam,   
Henry Cheatham,  Mary Lockett,   
Henry Cheatham,  Sosha Nunnally,  Edward Nunnally,  
Francis Cheatham,  Nancy Flournoy,  James Flournoy,  
Phoebe Cheatham,  William G. Elam,  Robert Elam,   
Elam Cheatham,  Elizabeth Powell,  
Ann Cheatham,  William Roberts,  
Michal Cheatham,  William Branch Elam,  
Francis Cheatham,  Diana B. —,  
Diana B. Cheatham,  Thomas Bass,  Joshua Elam,  
Francis B. Cheatham,  Elizabeth Ann Clay,  Phineas Clay,   
Phoebe Cheatham,  John Porter Jr.,  
William Cheatham,  
Phoebe Cheatham,  Elam Lockett,   
Elizabeth Cheatham,  John Farley,  
Abijah Cheatham,  Sarah Akin,   
Pleasant Cheatham,  Martha Walthall,  William Walthall,  
Adeline F. Cheatham,  Joseph Dorsett,  
Mary W. Cheatham,  Francis Roberts,  
Julia C. Cheatham,  William F. Walthall,   
Matthew Cheatham,  Elizabeth Green Elam,   
Daniel Cheatham,  Martha Branch,  Edward Branch,  Thompson Blunt,  
Richard Cheatham,  Phoebe W. Porter,   
James Cheatham,  
Dinah (—) Cheatham,  Tapley Mahanes,  
James Cheatham,  John Hill,   
Mary Cheatham,  Francis Lockett,   
Martha Cheatham,  John Hill,   
Jane Cheatham,  Hezekiah Turpin,   William George,  
Phoebe Cheatham,  William Rudd,   Creed Haskins,   
Nancy Rudd,  Samuel Cheatham,   
Martha Rudd,  
Margaret Rudd,  Archer Cheatham,  Mack Wilkinson,  
Mary Rudd,  
Phoebe Rudd,  Thomas Haskins,   
Elizabeth H. Rudd,  Robert Haskins,   James Elam,   
Charles Cheatham,  Obedience Cheatham,   
James Cheatham,  Lewis Tanner,   
Roger Thompson,  John Baldwin Jr.,  Lucy —,  
Stephen Cocke,   John Mitchell,  Elizabeth —,  
Branch Tucker,  
Archer Cheatham,  
Abner Powell,  Rachel —,  Charles Old,   Rice Newman,  Mary (—) Cheatham,  Abel Burton,   
David Cheatham,  William Hall,  Patience —,  James Rice,  William Bates,   
Lewis Cheatham,  
Joshua Cheatham,  
Leonard Cheatham,  Elizabeth (Green) Dawson,   Charles Cheatham,   
John Tabb,   Dr. Henry Clay,   George Abbott,  Richard Rowland,  
Leonard Cheatham,  Mary Booker,   
Letty (Martin) Wade Edwards,  Abraham Martin,  Edward Wade,  Charles Edwards,  Thomas Edwards,  Samuel Clay,   Martin Wade,  
Memucan Hunt,  
Phoebe Cheatham,  Charles Clay,   
Patience Clay,  Dyer Phillips,  Letty Hart,  George Phillips,  
Ashley Davis,   Thomas Cocke,  
Prudence Clay,  Royall Lockett,   Benjamin Lockett,   Arthur Moseley,   Henry Clay,   
Patience Lockett,  James H. Cardwell,  
Temperance Clay,  Stephen Black,  
Britain Clay,  
Cleopatra Clay,  
Hannibal Clay,  
Clarissa Clay,  
Charles V. Clay,  
Tabitha Clay,  
Abraham Cheatham,  Lockey Brown,   
Samuel Harris,  Samuel Flippen,  
Lucy Cheatham,  William Harris,  
Betsy Cheatham,  Foushee C. Cornwall,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  Daniel Wilson,  
Ann Cheatham,  Joseph Bouldin,   
Col. James E. Bouldin,  
Tabitha Cheatham,  John Wilson,  
James Cheatham,  Ann Wilson,  
Edward Cheatham,  Robert Lumkin,  Abraham Cheatham,   
Nancy Davis,  
Josiah Hatcher,   
 Jonathon Cheatham (-1759),  
Benjamin Cheatham,   John Folkes,  Francis Cheatham,   
Bethany (—) Cheatham,  
Jonathon Cheatham,  William Sadler,  Robert Singleton,  William Booker,   
Robert Cheatham,  Frances Puckett,  William Puckett,  William Puckett Jr.,  John Barnes,  James Johnson,  Peter Malone,  Thomas Gaines,  
Peter Cheatham,  
John Cheatham,  
Mary Cheatham,  Abraham Chaney,  Nancy Donalson,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  Nathan Chaney,  
Lurany Cheatham,  Evans,  
Nancy Cheatham,  Dawson B. Sullivan,  
 Marmaduke Cheatham (-c.1765),  
Jeremiah Ellis,  
William Cheatham,   Edward Ellis,  
Susanna (—) Cheatham,  
Susanna Rookings,  William Rookings,  Charles Hamlin,  
John Cheatham,  Martha —,  
Jesse Sheffield,  Leonard Sheffield,  Susan Cheatham Sheffield,  
James Cheatham,  Anne Ellis,  Caleb Ellis,  
William E. Cheatham,  
John Cheatham,  Ann King,  Philip King,  
Joseph Cheatham,  Nancy Blessingham,  
Susan Cheatham,  
Nancy Cheatham,  
James Cheatham,  Susan S. Wray,  William Wray,  
Stephen E. Cheatham,  
Mary Cheatham,  George C. Collier,  Polly Ellis,  
Stephen Cheatham,  Unity Leath,  William Bradshaw,  Mary (—) Leath,  
James L. Cheatham,  Barsheba Wood,  
Mary S. Cheatham,  Overton Dupree,  William Dupree,  Amy Pettus,  Daniel Parsons,  
Nancy Cheatham,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  Wyatt Bishop,  
Sally Cheatham,  James Basebeech,  
James Cheatham,  
Benjamin Cheatham,  Joanna Scarbrough,   
Joseph Cheatham,  Henry Dugger,   
Rebecca Collier,  Henry Collier,  
Susanna Duke Cheatham,  Josiah Savidge,  
Sarah Cheatham,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  
Ann Cheatham,  Simmons,  Benjamin Moring,  Henry Moring,  
Joseph Simmons,  
John Simmons,  
Thomas Simmons,  
Wyatt Moring,  Sarah Baldwin,  
Ann Moring,  Benjamin Cocke,   
Susanna Moring,  William Judkins,  
Mary R. Moring,  Thomas Warren,  
Lydia Cheatham,  Dugger,  
John Dugger,  
 Benjamin Cheatham (-1767),  
Jonathon Cheatham,   John Folkes,  Robert Hancock,  Peter Hudson,   Francis Cheatham,  
Elizabeth (—) Cheatham,  Grace Williams,  William Callicott,  
Stephen Cheatham,  Elizabeth —,  Elizabeth Akin,  
Thomas Wooldridge,  
Stephen Cheatham,  Frances —,  Winifred Hudson,  
Thomas Cheatham,  Nancy —,  
Lemiry Cheatham,  James O’Kelly Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  Philip H. Vest,  
Sarah W. Cheatham,  William Baugh,  
Josiah Cheatham,  Rebecca Morgan,  John Morgan,  Claiborne Norris,  
Prudence Cheatham,  John Fowlkes,  
John Cheatham,  
Josiah Cheatham,  
Mary Cheatham,  John Perdue,  
Laurana Perdue,  William N. Tucker,  
Prudence Perdue,  Asa Newby Ferguson,  
John Perdue,  
Thomas Perdue,  Martha Puckett,  
Polly Perdue,  Dr. Wyatt,  James Gill,  
Asa Perdue,  France Puckett,  
Stephen Perdue,  Nancy Gill,  Benjamin Gill,  
Prudence Cheatham,  
Luraney Cheatham,  John Bowman,  
Elizabeth Bowman,  Obadiah Baker,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  Hezekiah Farmer,   
William Cheatham,  Phoebe Ellis,   
Joel Cheatham,  Frances —,  
Hezekiah Cheatham,  Ezekiel Cheatham,  Lucy Brooks,  William Brooks,  Rebecca —,  
Elizabeth Bowman,  Daniel Bowman,  Sarah —,  
Tabitha Cheatham,  Larkin Branson,  John Noel,  
Phoebe Cheatham,  Elam Farmer,   
Anngillicho Cheatham,  Samuel Pitchford,  
William Pitchford,  Daniel Bevill,  
Martha Cheatham,  Jesse Witt,  
Sarah Cheatham,  Lodowick Farmer,   
Peter Edwards,   
John Pittman,  
Lodowick Farmer,  Elizabeth Herring,  Elizabeth Knight,   
John Farmer,  Elizabeth Shelburn,  
Polly Farmer,  Isaiah Hawkins,  
Elizabeth W. Farmer,  Tarleton Woodson Knight,   
Lineus H. Knight,  
Sherwood W. Knight,  Martha Ann Williams,  
Martha Ann Knight,  
Mary T. Knight,  Farmer,  
Emily F. Knight,  Robert Fowlkes,   
Sarah C. Farmer,  Asa Fowlkes,   
Anderson Bagley,   Thomas Grubbs,  Elizabeth Anderson Bagley,   
Thomas A. Grubbs,  
Sarah F. Grubbs,  
Martha Carter Grubbs,  
Dicey Farmer,  John Scott,  
Martha Farmer,  Francis Carter,  
Lucinda Farmer,  Richard H. Stokes,  
Henry A. Farmer,  Martha Hughs Walton,   
Joseph W. Farmer,  Eliza Laura Williams,  John L. Williams,  Sarah B. Morgan,  
Benjamin Farmer,  Ermine Herring,  William Herring,  
Benjamin Farmer,  Peranna Farmer,  
John H. Farmer,  
Allen Farmer,  
William A. Farmer,  
James Farmer,  
Mary Farmer,  
Elizabeth A. Farmer,  
Ermine Farmer,  
Elizabeth Farmer,  William Hatchett,   
Lodowick Farmer,  
Henry Farmer,  
Jeremiah Farmer,  Polly Knight,  
Thomas Farmer,  
James Farmer,  Elizabeth Harding,  
Elijah Farmer,  
John Farmer,  Nancy Crymes,  
Ann Farmer,  James Eastham,  
Dyce Eastham,  
Mary Eastham,  Richard Crowder,  
Juliana Eastham,  
Ann Eastham,  
James Eastham,  
Elizabeth Eastham,  Nathaniel Cureton,  
Thomas Eastham,  
Dyce Farmer,  Seth Farmer,  William Thweatt,   
Julaney Farmer,  Abner H. Moore,  
Sally Cheatham Farmer,  John Pittman,  
Richard Cheatham,  Grace Moore,  John Moore,  
Elizabeth Cheatham,  William Cheatham,   
Benjamin Cheatham,  Tabitha Moseley,   Thomas M. Cheatham,  
Margaret Cheatham,  Poindexter Noell,  
Angelica Cheatham,  John Noell,  
Patty Cheatham,  William Brooks,  
James Cheatham,  Frances Ellyson,  Milly (—) Ellyson,  Enos Ellyson,  
Tabitha Cheatham,  Robert Noell,  
Joel Cheatham,  Elizabeth Gates,  William Gates,  
William Perrin,  
James Walker,  
Eppes Cheatham,  
Benjamin Cheatham,  Margaret —,  Margaret Stow,  Joel Stow,  
Martha Cheatham,  Robert Smallman,  
William Cheatham,  Elizabeth Cheatham,   
Angelica Epps Cheatham,  Parker Doss,  
Joel Cheatham,  Rhoda League,  
Mary Cheatham,  Isaac Tynes,  William Tynes,  Mary —,  
Mary Elizabeth Tynes,  Walker Dejarnette,   
Isaac Tynes,  
Peyton Tynes,  Ann M. Betterton,   
Patience Tynes,  James Betterton,   
William Tynes,  
Mary Ellen Tynes,  
James N. Tynes,  Delia Wyatt,  
Luther E. Tynes,  Mary Arnold,  
Tabitha Tynes,  John C. Latham,  
Tabitha Cheatham,  Richard George,  
Mary George,  Osborne Francis,  
Mary Cheatham,  Alexander Moseley,   Thomas Bass Jr.,   
Tabitha Moseley,  Benjamin Cheatham,   
Alexander Houghton,  
Sarah Moseley,  
Thomas Moseley,  
Benjamin Moseley,  
Polly Moseley,  
Ann Moseley,  Willis Houghton,  
Tabitha Cheatham,  Thomas Bass,   
Judith Bass,  William Robertson,  
 William Cheatham I (c.1695-1752),  
 Mary (Cheatham) Folkes,  
John Folkes,  
Jonathon Cheatham,   Edward Cheatham,   John Green,  
John Folkes,  Thomas Cheatham,   
Abel Folkes,  John Folkes,  
James Fawcett,  
Joel Folkes,  Gincy (—) Folkes,  Anna Folkes,  
Young Beasley,  
Tabitha Folkes,  
Joel Folkes,  
John Folkes,  
Polly Folkes,  
Levi Folkes,  
Gincy Folkes,  
Pleasant Folkes,  Elizabeth Coates,  William Coates,  Martha (Traylor) Dyer,  Francis Dyer,  Minerva Davies,  
William Folkes,  
Daniel Fowlkes,  John Rudd,  
Lucretia Brown,  Alexander Brown,  
Daniel Fowlkes,  Sarah Hines,  William Hines,  
Mickey Fowlkes,  Anderson Crafton,  
James Fowlkes,  
Michal Folkes,  Abraham Vaughan,  
Mary Folkes,  
Josiah Folkes,  Thomas Cheatham,   Isham Cheatham,   
Francis Folkes,  
Amy Folkes,  John Rudd,  
Rev. Charles Foseé,  
John Rudd,  Sinai (Clarke) Rudd,  John Rudd,   
Archibald Rudd,  Mary Elam,   
Elijah Rudd,  Sarah Robertson,   
Oney Rudd,  John Rudd,  
Sarah Rudd,  Frederick Rudd,  
Polly Rudd,  
Amey Rudd,  Thomas W. Johnson,  
Leonard Rudd,  Winifred Covington Beasley,  Henry Beasley,  
Edith Folkes,  Jonas Clyborn,   
Abel Folkes,  Tabitha (—) Folkes,  
Tabitha Folkes,  Thomas Cheatham,  
Francis Folkes,  
John Folkes,  
Marmaduke Folkes,  
Francis Folkes,  
Mary Folkes,  
 Susanna Cheatham,  
 Tabitha (Cheatham) Beasley (-1771),  
Mary Herbert,  
Stephen Beasley,  
Thomas Leonard,  
William Cogbill,   
Josiah Beasley,  
Peter Beasley,  
Stephen Beasley,  Rebecca Jones,   
Benjamin Beasley,  Obedience Cheatham,   
Matthew Cheatham,   
Archibald Beasley,  
Tabitha Beasley,  
Susanna Beasley,  
Obedience Beasley,  Zachariah Tatum,   
Benjamin Beasley,  
Thomas Beasley,  Arthur Akin,  Anne Dockett,  
Samuel Beasley,  
Daniel Beasley,  
Peter Beasley,  Peter Beasley,   
Betsy Beasley,  
Thomas Beasley,  Tabitha Cheatham,   
Matthew Cheatham,   
Stephen Beasley,  Martha Cheatham,   
Thomas Cheatham,   Matthew Cheatham,   
Anna Beasley,  William Hatcher,  
Daniel Stone,  
Sarah R. Stone,  
Thomas Beasley Stone,  
Stephen Beasley,  
Frances Beasley,  Christopher Bass,   
Obedience Beasley,  Samuel Hatcher,   
Tabitha Beasley,  William Cheatham,   
Ann Beasley,  Peter Edwards,   
Ann Edwards,  Nancy Field Graves,  
Charles Graves,   
Peterfield Edwards,  Susanna Cheatham,   
 Thomas Edwards (-1772),  
Benjamin Edwards,  
Mary (—) Edwards,  
Thomas Edwards,  
Mary Edwards,  
Martha Edwards,  Peter Ashbrook III,  Isabel Ashbrook,  
Sarah Ashbrook,  Edward Featherstone,   
Jeremiah Ashbrook,  Rachel Baugh,   
William Ashbrook,  Archard Bass,   
Thomas Ashbrook,  
Martha Ashbrook,  James Hodges,  
Mary Hodges,  
John Hodges,  Tabitha Flournoy,  John Flournoy,  
Peter Ashbrook IV,  
Leonard Ashbrook,  
Phoebe Edwards,  John Baugh,  
Priscilla Baugh,  Charles Staples,  
Caroline Baugh,  Isaac Meadows,  
Peter Edwards,  Ann Beasley,   
Sarah Edwards,  
Priscilla Edwards,  
Elizabeth Edwards,  Thomas Trent,  Peterfield Trent,   
Obedience Edwards,  
William Edwards,  Phoebe Cogbill,  Polly Britton,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Fowlkes - War of 1812 Thomas Cheatham - War of 1812
Isham Cheatham - War of 1812 Tarpley Goode - War of 1812
Zaccheus Elam Cheatham - War of 1812 Thomas Rudd Penick - War of 1812
Green Hancock - War of 1812 Samuel Hancock - War of 1812
Maj. Henry Cheatham - Revolutionary War Henry Cheatham - War of 1812
Francis Cheatham - War of 1812 Elam Cheatham - War of 1812
William Branch Elam - War of 1812 Abijah Cheatham - War of 1812
Pleasant Cheatham - War of 1812 Daniel Cheatham - War of 1812
Richard Cheatham - War of 1812 James Cheatham - French and Indian War
Charles Clay - Revolutionary War Philip H. Vest - Revolutionary War
Philip H. Vest - War of 1812 John Perdue - War of 1812
William N. Tucker - War of 1812 Asa Newby Ferguson - War of 1812
John Perdue - War of 1812 Thomas Perdue - War of 1812
Lodowick Farmer - Revolutionary War Benjamin Farmer - Revolutionary War
James Eastham - Revolutionary War Benjamin Cheatham - Revolutionary War
Abraham Vaughan - Revolutionary War John Rudd Sr. - War of 1812
John Rudd Jr. - War of 1812 Archibald Rudd - Revolutionary War
Archibald Rudd - War of 1812 Elijah Rudd - War of 1812
John Rudd - War of 1812 Frederick Rudd - War of 1812
Leonard Rudd - War of 1812 Peterfield Edwards - War of 1812
Thomas Trent - Revolutionary War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Joseph Edwin Washington - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
Joseph Edwin Washington - Tennessee Zaccheus Elam Cheatham - Virginia
Joseph Bouldin - Virginia Col. James E. Bouldin - Virginia
Lodowick Farmer - Virginia  

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