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 1658   John Pride I (c.1680-1743)
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John Pride I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Pride I might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Henrico County about 1680 and married first Susanna, likely Susanna Ballow, a daughter of William and Dorothy Ballow. Susanna and I were parishioners of Bristol Parish when William and Parker were born there in 1721 and 1728. Since the parish was responsible for confirming the boundary line between land owners every couple of years to head of disputes, they ordered me and Henry Walthall to work the precinct between Puckett’s Run and Swift Creek in 1727.  His brother Richard Walthall walked that precinct with me in 1731. 
We were the parents of at least 8 children, including Elizabeth Pride the wife of John Hill whom I gave 123 acres on Deep Creek in February 1726/7.
Like my father, I grew tobacco. My plantations were on Timsbury, Swift, and Deep creeks in present-day Chesterfield County, and in the southern tip of Powhatan County. I had disposed of nearly 850 acres by 1736 when Henrico County taxed me on six levies and 1,162½ remaining acres.  I added 400 acres in Amelia County in 1740.
Outliving my wife, I prepared my will 13 July 1742 leaving nominal bequests to 7 daughters and land and the rest of my estate to 2 sons.  I named also William Ballow, likely the husband of a dead daughter. Four daughters were already married—five if you count Ballow’s wife. Another son may have been Joseph Pride who was a defendant in a lawsuit in Henrico County in the June Court 1739.
I was dead by February 1743/4. 

John Pride’s land
On 13 April 1708 Richard Ligon surveyed 400 acres south of the James River near Swift Creek in Henrico (now Powhatan) County for John Pride who secured it with a patent in 1724,  and sold it to Thomas Watkins 16 July 1728.  In 1725 John patented 328 acres on the north side of the Appomattox River on Butterwood Creek, about 5 miles west of his 1724 patent and next to land of his nieces, Ann and Mary Pride, and in what is now the southern tip of Powhatan County,  which he sold to Edward Watkins 1 July 1734. 
John obtained a patent for 247 acres on the south side of the James River on Horsepen Creek of Deep Creek in 1725,  half of which, 123 acres, he transferred his son-in-law John Hill 4 Feb. 1726/7. 
William Pride sold John Pride two tracts of land on Swift Creek in Henrico County in July 1736 for £50. 211 acres he got from Henry Randolph in 1711 and another tract that came from James Hill in Jan. 1724/5. 
On 28 April 1740 John Pride of Henrico County bought 400 acres on West Creek in Amelia County from Samuel Hancock of Henrico County for £50.  The property was next to that of Stegall and was likely land that William Robertson had secured with a patent 20 June 1733.  During Feb. 1758 John’s son William Pride of Chesterfield County sold apparently the same 400 acres to Robert Thompson of Amelia County. 

Was Susanna John’s only wife?
The first mention of the name John’s wife, Susanna, was in 1721 in the Bristol Parish Register. It may be that his Ballow wife was then dead and this was a 2nd, particularly considering that the named a child Parker or Puckett, as the register records.

John Pride’s will
This is an abstract of the 1742 Henrico County will of John Pride.

Will of John Pride
13 July 1742
To son John 314 acres on Timsbury Swamp in Henrico, willed to me by my father William Pride & 1 Negro.
To William Ballow, 1 Shilling.
To daughter Elizabeth Hill, 1 Shilling.
To daughter Jane Lockett, 1 Shilling.
To daughter Dorothy Wilson, 1 Shilling.
To daughter Michal Pride, 1 Negro and other items.
To daughter Margaret Pride, 1 Negro and other items.
To daughter Parker Pride, 1 Negro and other items.
To daughter Susanna Webster, 1 Negro.
To son William, all the rest of my estate and he to be executor.

Descendants of John Pride I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Pride II (-1753),  
John Vest,  John Hill,   
William Pride,   
Field Jefferson,   Samuel Cobbs,   
Frances (—) Pride,  Frances Rowlett,  William Rowlett,   Frances Worsham,   
Francis Walthall,   John Russell,  
Richard Booker,   Francis Anderson Sr.,   Edmund Booker,   
John Spencer,  Samuel Cobbs,   
John Pride III,  Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
Rebekah (—) Pride,  Benjamin Ward,   John Booker,  Thomas Mumford,   
Joseph Gooch,  Benjamin Lockett,   Abraham Lockett,   
Gen. Everard Meade,   Mary Eggleston,   Benjamin Ward,   Col. William Archer,   Thomas Griffin Peachy,   Gabriel Fowlkes,   Elizabeth Randolph,   
Thomas Griffin Peachy,   Samuel Cobbs,   James Townes Jr.,  
James Daniel,  
John Pride IV,  
Rebecca Pride,  Thomas Pride,   
Anne Cary Pride,  
Rowlett Pride,  Elizabeth Collier Anderson,   John Tabb,   
Francis Anderson Jr.,   
Anderson Pride,  Maria G. Steger,   
Thomas A. Pride,  
Elizabeth Pride,  
Thomas Pride,  Rebecca Pride,   
John Ellis,  Davis Booker,   Peachy Cruze,  Mary —,  
Lewis Edwin Harvie,   
William A. Pride,  
John T. Pride,  Julia Franklin Steger,   
Harriet Elizabeth Pride,  
Thomas B. Pride,  
Alonzo Goode Pride,  Ida Anderson,  
Emma M. Pride,  Philip Southall Wood,   
Nannie Pride,  
John Wesley Pride,  
Ann Augusta Pride,  
John Pride,  
Francis Pride,  
William Pride,  Sarah Truly,  Hector Truly,  
Mary Townes,   John Booker,  
Nathaniel Friend,   
Joshua Adkinson,  Philip Major,  Sylvanus Stokes,  Henry Townes,   Pinketham Davis Booker,   Byrd Prewitt,  
Joel Townes,  Peachey Prindle,  Halcott Townes,   
William Pride,  Francis Pride,   Shields Booker,   
Mary Townes Pride,  
John Pride,  
Halcott Pride,  
Francis Pride,  
Anne Pride,  Shields Booker,   Pinketham Davis Booker,   Halcott Townes,   
Francis Pride,  
Mary Pride,  Edmund Booker,   Mary Harwood Clement,   
Martha Pride,  
Susanna Pride,  John Booker,   Francis Anderson,  John Smith,  John Burton Sr.,   Stewart Farley,   
Thomas Tabb,  William Munford,  
Zack Hawkins,  Thomas Holt,  
Halcott Townes,   
Thomas Pride Booker,  Fanny Terrell,  
Pinketham Davis Booker,  Martha Pride,  
Shields Booker,  William Pride,   Anne Pride,   
John Booker,  
Rachel Booker,  Lucas,  
Richard Booker,  
Martha Booker,  William Wade,  
Thomas Pride,  William Pride,   John Cason,  James Harper,  
 William Pride (1721-c.1759),  
William Pride,   
James Hill,   Edward Hill,   
Elizabeth (—) Pride,  Robert Thompson,  
James Hill,   Benjamin Watkins,  
Edward Hill,   
John Pride,  Thomas Adams,  
Priscilla Baugh,   Alexander Baugh,   Peter Baugh,   
James Pride,  James Cogbill,   
Thomas Pride,  
John Alexander Pride,  Thomas Augustus Taylor,  Martha A. Covington,  
Peter Pride,  James DeSear,   Rebecca Smith,  Robert Baugh,   Jacob Flournoy,  Lucy Flournoy,  
Sarah Pride,  Hill Cogbill,   
Elizabeth B. Pride,  John Simpson,  
Priscilla Pride,  Matthew S. Whitlock,  
Susanna Pride,  John Blythe Read,  
William Pride,  Robert Baugh,   
Peter Pride,  Mary Dance,   Edward Dance,   
Elizabeth Pride,  Richard Covington,  
William Pride Covington,  Thomas Cogbill,   
Richard Covington,  
Martha Covington,  John Rowlett,   William Covington,  
Elizabeth Pride Covington,  William Cogbill,   
Mary Covington,  William Varnier,  
Elizabeth Pride Varnier,  Henry Chiles,  
Thomas Varnier,  Frances Gill,  John Gill,  
Thomas Pride,  
Edward Pride,  
Lt. William Pride,  
Martha Pride,  Edward Dance,   
Peter Dance,  
Agnes Dance,  Edward Totty,  
Martha Dance,  William Perrin Law,  
William Pride Dance,  
John Dance,  
Mary R. Dance,  
 Parker (Pride) Bevill (1728-),  
William Bevill,  Edward Bevill,  Robert Bevill,  Ann —,  
Edward Tanner,   Daniel Coleman,  Abraham Burton,   William Bevill,  Daniel Bevill,  
Abraham Burton Jr.,   James Bilbo,  Elisha Brooks,   William Murphy,  Richard Gregory,  
John Tucker,  Abraham Burton,   Joseph Sutherland,  William Wills Green,   
Ann Bevill,  Francis Moore Neal,   
Susanna Bevill,  Brown,  
John Bevill,  John Bevers,  Abraham Green,   Dicey (—) Bevill,  
Edward Bevill,  
Elizabeth Bevill,  Thomas Hix,  
Martha Bevill,  Holloway,  
Micah Bevill,  James Cole,  
Robert Bevill,  
 Elizabeth (Pride) Hill,  
John Hill,   
 Jane (Pride) Lockett,  
William Lockett,   
 Dorothy (Pride) Willson,  
 Michal Pride,  
 Susannah (Pride) Webster,  
 daughter (Pride) Ballow,  
William Ballow,  
Samuel Scott,  
 William Townes (c.1711-1777),  
Anne Wood,  
James Francis Robertson,   
Thomas Townes,  
Elizabeth Townes,  Blackman Ligon,   
John Townes,  
Henry Townes,  
Mary (—) Townes,  Peter Field Jefferson,   
Joseph Townes,  
Halcott Townes,  James Trimble,  Anne Coleman,  
George Townes,  Elizabeth Tunstall,  Whitmell Pugh Tunstall,  
Sarah Ann Townes,  William Rison,   
George Townes,  
Emily W. Townes,  Col. Algernon Sidney Buford,  Algernon Sidney Buford Jr.,  
Stephen Townes,  Catherine —,  
Robert Townes,  
Edward Townes,  
Mary Townes,  William Pride,   
Lucretia Townes,  James Francis Robertson,   
Tscharner deGraffenried,  
John Patterson,  John Billups,   
Catherine Jenna deGraffenried,  William Calhoun,  John Caldwell Calhoun,  
Nancy Needham deGraffenried,  Patrick Calhoun,  
Lucretia Townes deGraffenried,  Benjamin Finney,  
Ann Townes,  Charles Jones,  Robert Jones,  
William Townes,  Robert Wade,  
 William Townes,  
Edward Booker,   Elias Downs,  James Atwood,  Benjamin Bullington,  
James Atwood,  Thomas Worsham,  
Richard Clough,   
Richard Townes,  Elizabeth (—) Townes,  Filmer Wills,   Abraham Green,   John Scott,   John Ford,  John Archer,   
Mary Elizabeth Townes,  Joseph Royall,   
William Townes,  
John Townes,  Martha Allen,  
James Townes,  Rachel Marot Booker,   Judith Townes,  Lucy Worsham,   
John Townes,  Elizabeth Leigh,   
Allen Townes,  
Armistead T. Townes,  Rebecca H. Booker,   Elizabeth Moseley Giles,  
Priscilla Allen Townes,  Zachariah Greenhill Leigh,   
Rebecca Clarke Townes,  William Moseley,   
William Townes,  William Townes,   
Martha B. Townes,  John Read,  
Elizabeth Townes,  Richard Clough,  Anne Poindexter,  
Robert Starke,   William Townes,  
Judith Clough,  Thomas Perkinson,   
Rebecca Clough,  Charles Craddock,   
Martha Clough,  Benjamin Tucker,  
Hannah Clough,  John Davis,  
Mary Clough,  James Vaughan,  
Richard Clough,  William Townes,   Francis Jackson,  
Elizabeth Clough,  Craddock Vaughan,  
Parenthia Jeter,  William Jeter,  
Polly Vaughan,  Susanna (Vaughan) Biggers,  James Vaughan,  
William Townes,  
James Townes,  
John Townes,  
Elizabeth Townes,  John Royall,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Anderson Pride - War of 1812 Francis Pride - War of 1812
Pinketham Davis Booker - Revolutionary War Thomas Pride - War of 1812
John Alexander Pride - War of 1812 John Blythe Read - War of 1812
William Pride - Revolutionary War John Dance - War of 1812
Armistead T. Townes - War of 1812  

Legislators - colonial and state
John Pride III - Virginia George Townes - Virginia
Algernon Sidney Buford - Virginia  

Names on the map
Pridesville, Amelia County, Virginia, was named for John Pride  

Selected sources
Cabell, James Branch. Branchania, Being a Partial Account of the Branch Family of Virginia. Richmond: Whittsett & Shepperson, 1979:162-171. • Early account of the families of William Pride and his son John Pride.

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