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 1656   James Hill I (c.1655-1708)
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James Hill I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Hill I might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1655,  and paid my own passage to the Colony, probably from England.
A respected citizen, I was Mr. James Hill in court records. In 1703 I partnered with 8 other prominent individuals, including 2 widows and our parson, Rev. George Robertson, to acquire 4,000 acres along Winterpock Creek in present-day Chesterfield. I eventually got 437 acres out of the deal.
By 1704 I was paying quit rents, a form of real estate tax, on 845 acres across four Chesterfield County plantations: 50 acres at “Curles,” 252 at Swift Creek, 100 at Lick Buttock Hill, and 437 at Winterpock Creek, all of which I got after arriving in the colony. 
I and my wife, Ann Clarke, a daughter of my Swift Creek neighbor William Clarke, were the parents of 4 sons and 4 daughters.
I was 52 when I composed my will 14 June 1707 leaving Ann a plantation to live on for the rest of her life, land to our sons, and livestock and household furnishings to our daughters. 
On 24 November 1708, less than a month after delivering my will to the court, Ann married William Pride. Our daughter Martha married Pride’s son Halcot, and the other girls surely married sons of planter neighbors, but who and when, no one knows. Descendants of my sons populated Chesterfield and Amelia counties for generations.

Most likely, Hill was born in England. Although many individuals named Hill were in early Colonial Virginia, it does not appear James inherited any land and the only time his name appeared as a headright was in 1703 when he and others applied for a patent. 

Land patents, deeds, and other court records
Like many Colonial planters, James employed indentured servants. In April 1687 Henrico County judged his servant, Richard Fletcher, to be 11 years of age. 
James exchanged several parcels of land in Henrico County during his lifetime. He bought 100 acres on the south side of the James River from William Chambers 20 Jan. 1685/6.  Five years later, on 1 April 1691, when he deeded 50 acres at “Curles” where he was living to John Woodson Sr. for £22, Ann relinquished her dower right.  On 18 June 1692 James got 252 acres on the north side of Swift Creek at the mouth of Beech Branch from Henry Randolph,  who would later reconfirm the deed to Hill’s sons.  Over a decade later, on 1 April 1703, James bought 100 acres near Lick Buttock Hill from Moses Wood for £5. Charles Roberts and Henry Charles Featherstone witnessed this deed.  Wood had gotten this land in 1702.  According to the deed, Hill had an earlier patent for this land but allowed it to lapse. Yet we can find no such record.
On 24 April 1703, not long before his death, James and 8 other prominent Henrico County citizens secured a patent for 4,000 acres on Winterpock Creek in Henrico (now Chesterfield) County in consideration of having transported eighty individuals to the colony, including James Hill,  whose partners in this venture were Francis Epes, both father and son, Isham Epes, Rev. George Robertson, Elizabeth Kennon, Philip Jones, Martha Stratton then the widow of Edward Stratton, and George Archer. The 9 agreed to partition the acreage and draw lots to decide who received which portion. They allocated Hill 440 acres that they later adjusted to 437 acres.

James Hill’s will

Will of James Hill
14 June 1707
To wife for life one-half of my land on Swift Creek on the lower side of Beach Branch and after her death to my son James Hill, and he to be seated there when of age.
To son James, 100 acres at Winterpock, livestock, and other items.
To son Edward, my land up Swift Creek, on the upper side of Beach Branch, 100 acres at Winterpock, and other items.
To son John, land on Swift Creek on upper side of Beach Branch beginning at Little Branch, and 100 acres at Winterpock, livestock, and other items.
To son William, all my land at Lick Buttock Hill, joining Moses Wood and 140 acres at Winterpock, being the remainder there, plus items and livestock.
To daughter Mary, livestock and items.
To daughter Martha, livestock and items.
To daughter Anne, livestock and items.
To daughter Elizabeth, livestock and items.
I leave all the rest of my estate to my wife, whom I appoint executrix.
James Hill

James Hill executed his will in the presence of John Willson, Robert Sharpe Jr., Nicholas Dyson, and William Pride.
James died before 1 Nov. 1708 when his executor, widow Ann Hill, presented his will to the Henrico County court.  Hill had never taken formal possession of his Winterpock Creek land so on that same day the other patentees deeded 140 acres to William Hill for £15 and 300 acres to James Jr., Edward, and John Hill for £5.  On 7 June 1736 William bought out the interests of his brothers, John and James, for £40.  The Henrico County Court of Oct. 1724 had previously admitted a deed from Edward Hill to his brother William,  which was undoubtedly for Edward’s portion of the patent since William paid tax on the entire 437 acres in 1736.

Descendants of James Hill I
Information about the children of James Hill I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Hill (-c.1747),  
 James Hill II (-1751),  
Anne Fowler,  Godfrey Fowler,  
Edward Hill,  Lewis Sublett,  William Short,  Benjamin Harris,  Young Short,  Samuel Landrum,  James Flowers,  
Phoebe Branch,   Gerrard Ellyson,  
James Hill,  
Edward Hill,  
Olive Hill,  
Edward Hill,  Judith Chalkley,  
Frances Hill,  Garner Branch,   
Thomas Brooks,  Olive Hill,   
Sarah Hill,  Matthew Dance,   
Edward Hill Dance,  Agnes Dance,   
Frances Dance,  John Inge,  
Elizabeth M. Inge,  Joshua Daniel Pritchett,   
Sarah Hill Inge,  John James Pritchett,   
Thomas F. Guerrant,  
Stephen Dance,  Elizabeth Briggs,  Martha Willson,  
Rebecca Dance,  Benjamin Harris,  
Martha F. Dance,  Joel Blackwell,  Robert Blackwell,  Elizabeth Goodwin,  
Thomas Hill Dance,  
Mourning E. Dance,  Pleasant Vaughan,  
Matthew Mayes Dance,  Susan Truman Redd,   
James Hill III,  Winifred Lockett,   Henry Clay,   
John Hill,  Edward Wilkinson,   Thomas Harvey,   William Harvey,   
Martha Cheatham,   
Ann Dodson,  James Dodson,  John Hill,  Edward Archer,   
Robert Haskins,   Robert Hill,   Eleazer Clay,   
Mary P. Hill,  Robert Haskins,   
Florinda Hill,  Peter Rowlett,   
John Hill,  Edward Goode,   
Thomas Hill,  
Martha Hill,  
Lucy Ann Hill,  
William Hill,  
Dolly Hill,  
Nancy Hill,  
Mary Hill,  Francis Walthall,  
Sarah Walthall,  Nicholas Robertson,   
William Hill,  Robert Haskins,   
Jane Lockett,   
Capt. Creed Haskins,   Capt. Edward Moseley,   
William Hill,  
James Hill IV,  Dicey Blankenship,  Nancy Worsham,  
Winifred Hill,  William B. Winston,  
Rebecca Hill,  John Williamson,  
Benjamin Hill,  Elizabeth Elam,   Nancy Franklin,  
Robert Hill,  Sarah Cousins,   William Hill,   
Winifred E. Hill,  Richard Elam,  J. Elam,  
Ann Hill,  William Hancock,   
Winifred Hill,  William McCraw,  Ann Robertson,  
Mabel Hill,  Josiah Turpin,   
William Winfrey,  
Sarah Turpin,  Robert Thomas,  
Turpin Thomas,  
Fleming Thomas,  
John Thomas,  
Betsy Thomas,  Drake,  
Mary Thomas,  Hardwick,  
Sarah Thomas,  Drake,  
Edmund Thomas,  
Hill Winfrey,  Judith Allen,   John Adams,  Nancy (—) Winfrey,  
Reuben Winfrey,  Mary Farrar,  
Elizabeth Winfrey,  
Samuel Winfrey,  
Lucy Winifred Winfrey,  George Watson,  
Godfrey Hill,  
Edith Clarke,   
Henry Hatcher,   
Ann Hill,  Julius Hatcher,   
Betty Hill,  David Douglass,  
Elizabeth Hill,  Robert Haskins,   
Frances Hill,  Lewis Sublett,  Francis Cousins,  
Littleberry Sublett,  Sarah Burton,   
Lewis Sublett,  Mary Trabue,   
Sarah Samuel,  
James Sublett,  
Abraham Sublett,  Edith Burton,   
Edith Sublett,  
Arthur Sublett,  Betsy (Hughes) Sublett,  William Sublett,  
Caroline Sublett,  James F. Forsee,  
William Sublett,  Mary (Forsee) Sublett,  Nancy (Shackleford) Cheatham,  Leonard Cheatham,   
Frances Sublett,  Zephania Magruder,  
Susannah Hill,  Gilbert Elam,   
Anne Hill,  Rudd,  
Martha Hill,  Akin,  Peter Akin,  Grissell Henderson,  Richard Palmer,   
Edmund Logwood,   
Ann Akin,  Thomas Logwood,   
Mary Hill,  William Akin Jr.,  
 Thomas Dance (c.1680-),  
Seth Perkinson,   Philip Jones,   Thomas Wilson,   William Wilson,   Timothy Harris,  
Henry Dance,  
Edward Dance,  Godfrey Fowler Jr.,  
Henry Dance,  
Ethelred Dance,  
Drury Dance,  
Ezekiel Dance,  Asenath Hatcher,   
Rhoda Dance,  Ezekiel Jackson,  George Cogbill,   
Thomas Dance,  
William Poythress,  Henry Worsham Jr.,   
Mary (—) Dance,  John Jones,  
John Rowlett,   
William Dance,  Elizabeth Hill,   
Thomas Dance,  
Edward Dance,  John Gill,  Martha Pride,   
Barzilla Dance,  
Mary Dance,  Peter Pride,   
John Dance,  Mary Baugh,   
Agnes Dance,  
Stephen Dance,  Phoebe (—) Dance,  
Susanna (—) Dance,  Daniel Gill,  Susanna Gibbs,  John Gibbs,  
William Gill,  Edward Gill,  Mary Gill,  John Eanes,  Daniel Dyson,  
Rev. Matthew Dance,  Mary Gibbs,  John Gibbs,  
Sarah Hill,   
Elizabeth Dance,  Elizabeth Moseley Dance,  
Mayes Tarpley Dance,  
 Edward Hill (-1781),  
James Cole,  Hester —,  James Akin,  Ann —,  
James Hill,   
Evan Owen,  Henry Walthall,   James Hill,   
Frances (—) Hill,  Elizabeth (—) Pride,  William Pride,   
Henry Cheatham,   Henry Cheatham,   
Martha Hill,  Sherman Nunnally,   
Ann Hill,  Thomas Cogbill,   Daniel Gill,  
Peter Baugh,   Richard Baugh,   
Jesse Cogbill,   
James Cogbill,  John Cogbill,   Edward Featherstone,   Charles Cogbill,   
Edward Cogbill,  Martha Baugh,   Peter Baugh,   
Hill Cogbill,  Sarah Pride,   
William Cogbill,  Elizabeth Pride Covington,   
Richard Covington,   
Thomas Cogbill,  Lucy Boisseau,   
Susanna Boisseau Cogbill,  Branch Hatcher,   
James B. Cogbill,  
John Patrick Cogbill,  
Benjamin D. Cogbill,  
Edward Hill Cogbill,  Elizabeth Cole,  
Rebecca A. Cogbill,  Samuel J. Hatcher,   
Peter Fitz Cogbill,  
William Cogbill,  
James Cogbill,  
John Cogbill,  
George Washington Cogbill,  
Elizabeth Hill,  William Dance,   
Edward Dance,  
Thomas Dance,  Elizabeth Perkinson,   
Sarah Hill Dance,  John C. Britton,  
Agnes Dance,  Edward Hill Dance,   
Ann Elizabeth Dance,  James H. Eanes,  
William Dance,  Elizabeth Cousins,   
Elizabeth Dance,  Abraham Blankenship,  
Martha Dance,  Woodliffe Caudle,  
Martha B. Dance,  Henry Burton,  
Sarah Dance,  Ephraim Blankenship,  
Mary Dance,  
Elizabeth Dance,  
Frances Dance,  
Ann Dance,  Arthur Burton,  
Sarah Dance,  
Frances Hill,  
William Hill,  
Sarah Hill,  
Mary Hill,  
Edward Hill,  
Priscilla Hill,  Daniel Fitzpatrick Boisseau,   
Rebecca Hill Boisseau,  Thomas E. Gray,  T.T. Brooks,  
Edward Hill Boisseau,  Sarah Worsham Baugh,   
Sarah Worsham Boisseau,  Robert Thomas Lamb,  
Priscilla Hill Boisseau,  Lewis G. Simonson,  
Elizabeth R. Boisseau,  Winfield S. Gibbs,  
Elizabeth Boisseau,  Thomas Howlett,   
Anna Patrick Boisseau,  John Watkins,  
James Boisseau,  
Harriet Boisseau,  John Winston Jones,   
Peter Fitzpatrick Boisseau,  Elizabeth Bradley,  John Royall Bradley,  Mary Archer,   
 Rev. James Boisseau (-c.1719),  
Sarah Holmes,  Thomas Holmes,  
Charles Anderson,  
James Boisseau,  Mary Rebecca Holt,  Joseph Holt,  John Johnson,  
Lucy Boisseau,  Thomas Williams,  
Elizabeth Boisseau,  
James Boisseau,  Hannah Fitzpatrick,  Peter Fitzpatrick,  
James Yeargain,  
Mary Holt Boisseau,  Joseph Watkins,  
Ann Patrick Watkins,  William Fisher,  
Elizabeth F. Watkins,  Thomas Traylor,  
Thomas Watkins,  
Lucy Boisseau,  Thomas Cogbill,   
Anna Boisseau,  Archibald Hatcher,   
David Boisseau,  Tabitha Hatcher,   
Daniel Fitzpatrick Boisseau,  Priscilla Hill,   
James Boisseau,  
John Boisseau,  Nancy Carter,   
Benjamin Boisseau,  
Patrick Boisseau,  Martha Winfree,   
Susanna Boisseau,  Benjamin Hatcher,   
Peter Boisseau,  Sarah P. Boisseau,   
Sarah Boisseau,  William Pettway,   
Susanna Boisseau,  
John Boisseau,  Martha Goodwyn,  Robert Goodwyn,  
Elizabeth Boisseau,  Stanfield Hardaway,  
Nancy Boisseau,  William Dabney,  
Mary Goodwyn Boisseau,  Peter Vaughan,   
Martha Boisseau,  Burwell Aldridge,  
John Goodwyn Boisseau,  
James Boisseau,  Jane Inglish Turner,  
James Boisseau,  
Dorothy Boisseau,  Bennett Aldridge,  
Sarah P. Boisseau,  Peter Boisseau,   
Molly Holt Boisseau,  
Benjamin Boisseau,  Amy —,  
Albert Winfield Boisseau,  
Mary Boisseau,  J. Bonner,  
Jean Boisseau,  
Susanna Boisseau,  David Jones,   
Holmes Boisseau,  Nicholas Lanier,  
Rebecca (—) Boisseau,  John Hunnicutt,  
William Johnson,  Holmes Boisseau,  Elizabeth Boisseau,  Joseph Boisseau,  Margaret Scott,  
 William Hill,  
John Baugh,  
Martha (—) Hill,  William Pride,   William Kennon,  
James Hill,  
William Hill,  Elizabeth —,  
John Hill,  Elizabeth Marshall,  Robert Marshall,  John Dortch,   David Dortch,   John Hill,   
John Clark,  
John B. Hill,  William Townes,  
James Hill,  
William Hill,  
Elisha Hill,  
Frances Hill,  
Nancy Hill,  Peter Rowlett,   
William Hill,  
James Elam,   Daniel Mullins,  William Loafman,   William Hill,   William Hudson,   William Robertson,   Henry Robertson,   Harmon Thompson,  
Lewis Parham,  Charles Stewart,  William Sandifer,  William Robertson,   Richins Brame,  Richard Russell,   
James Hill,   Samuel Clay,   Claiborne Barksdale,  
Phoebe Hill,  Joel Elam,  John Elam,  Martha —,  Martha Archer,   
Mary Ann Easter,  Hill Hudson,   
Martha Elam,  Jesse Grigg,   
Alexander Elam,  Jane Norment,  
William Elam,  Patience Hurt,  Flora Mulligan,  
Mary Richardson Elam,  Grigg,  
Elizabeth Elam,  John Elam,  
Joel Elam,  Susanna Elam,  
Alexander Elam,  
Thomas Elam,  Elizabeth Elam,  
Charlotte Elam,  Daniel G. Callis,  William Callis,  
Edward Elam,  Martha Smith,  Lettice (Chaffin) Wallace,  John Wallace,  
Sabra Elam,  Burwell Grigg,   
Peter Elam,  Susanna Gregory,  
Frances Elam,  William Graves,  
Phoebe Elam,  Philip Burrow Moore,  
James Elam,  William Hill,   Elizabeth Sharp,  
Daniel Elam,  
Mourning Hill,  Peter Hudson,   Peter Fontaine Jr.,  
Robert Hudson,  Charles Harris,  
Robert Mann,  
William Hudson,  William Hill,   
Martha Hill,  George Cousins,   
Loafman,  Edward Loafman,  William Loafman,  Henry Featherstone,   
Benjamin Watkins,  Joseph Wilkinson,  George Holloway,  
William Loafman,  
Thomas Loafman,  
William Loafman,  Sally R. Harris,  
John Hill,  John Elam Jr.,  John Bugg,  Jesse Bugg,  William Branch,  John Rowlett,   Edward Loafman,  
John Rowlett,   
Charles Evans,  Reuben Morgan,  Hutchins Burton,  Sherwood Bugg,  David Dortch,   
Ann Puckett,  Peter Rowlett,   Daniel Stringer,  
Pleasant Fowler,  
John Hill,  Anne Wilkinson,   
Peter Talbott,   
Mary Hill,  
Richard Hill,  
William Hill,  Sarah Cousins,   Robert Hill,   
Nancy Hill,  
Sarah Hill,  John Winfree,  
Martha Hill,  Francis Watkins,  
Clarissa Hill,  
John Hill,  Polly Winfree,  Reuben Winfree,   
Rebecca Hill,  
William Hill,  
Nancy Hill,  Jonas Robertson,  Catherine Markham,  
Mary Robertson,  Thomas Wilkinson,  
Sarah Robertson,  Josiah Condrey,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  Joseph Wilkinson,  
Field Robertson,  Lucy Worsham,   
Peter Talbott,  
Elizabeth Talbott,  William Green,  
William Talbott,  Elizabeth Patram,   
Edward Talbott,  
Sarah Hill,  George Markham,   
Mary Hardaway Osborne,   
Henry Branch,  Henry Branch,   
Thomas Colley,  
Judith Markham,  Nelson Patteson,  Rebecca Markham,   
Rebecca Markham,  
Bernard Markham,  Archer Traylor,   Judith Markham,   Elizabeth Osborne,   
John Markham,  
James Puckett,  
Annice Puckett,  William Frith,  Tabitha Keen,   
Pleasant Puckett,  
Edward Puckett,  
Prudence Puckett,  Mason Fowler,  
Ann Hill,  George Cousins,   
James Old,  
Abraham Burton,   
William Cousins,  Martha (—) Cousins,  Rowlett Gill,   
Martha Cousins,  William Dance,   
William Cousins,  
Thomas Cousins,  
Elizabeth Cousins,  William Dance,   
George Cousins,  
Agnes (—) Franklin,  Judah (Franklin) Cousins,  James Franklin,  
Ann Cousins,  
Elizabeth Cousins,  
Sarah Cousins,  William Hill,   
Robert Hill,   
Daniel Wooldridge,   
Ann Cousins,  Jeremiah Lester,   
Elizabeth Lester,  Thomas Russell,  
Martha Lester,  Jeremiah Clarke,   
Sarah Lester,  Daniel Wilkinson,  
William Wilkinson,  Sarah Spears,  William Spears,  
Polly Hill Lester,  William Hill,  
Martha Cousins,  John Pride,   George Markham,   Rev. Eleazer Clay,   
 Jacob Lester (-1794),  
Morgan Lester,  Tabitha —,  
Martha (—) Lester,  Isham Cheatham,   
Lewis Lester,  Rhoda (—) Lester,  John Gordon,  
Jeremiah Lester,  Ann Cousins,   
Elizabeth Lester,  James Walthall,   
Ann Lester,  Ellison Clarke,   
Mary Lester,  Field Clarke,   
Josiah Lester,  Amelia Clarke,   
 Mary Hill,  
 Martha (Hill) Pride Hudson (-1752),  
Halcot Pride,   
Peter Hudson,  John Towns,  
Benjamin Cheatham,   
George Roberts,  William Maclin,  
Francis Cheatham,   
James Burton,   
Sarah Hudson,  Edward Parker,  
Judith Hudson,  Farr,  
Peter Hudson,  Mourning Hill,   
James Hudson,  Agnes Burton,   
James Burton Jr.,   Walter Robertson,  
Sier Hudson,  
James Hudson,  
Martha Hudson,  
Daniel Hudson,  Tabitha (—) Hudson,  Abraham Womack,  
Sarah Hudson,  Claiborne Harris,  
Frances Hudson,  George Camp,  
Polly Hudson,  Abiezer Plummer,  
Lucy Hudson,  David Irby,  
Hill Hudson,  Polly Owen,  
William Hudson,  Peter Fontaine,  
Phoebe Hudson,  
David Hudson,  John Williams,  Ann (—) Hudson,  Ann Bond,  John Bond,  
Mary Bond,  
 Ann Hill,  
 Elizabeth Hill,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Inge - Revolutionary War Robert Haskins - War of 1812
William Hill - Revolutionary War Ethelred Dance - Revolutionary War
Edward Dance - War of 1812 Thomas Dance - War of 1812
William Dance Sr. - War of 1812 Thomas E. Gray - War of 1812
Thomas Howlett - War of 1812 Alexander Elam - Revolutionary War
Joel Elam - War of 1812 Edward Loafman - French and Indian War
Thomas Cousins - War of 1812 Daniel Wilkinson - War of 1812

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Logwood - Virginia Edward Hill Boisseau - Virginia
Peter Fitzpatrick Boisseau - Virginia John Goodwyn Boisseau - Virginia
James Boisseau - Virginia Albert Winfield Boisseau - Virginia
George Markham - Virginia  

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
James Boisseau  

Selected sources
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