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 1654   William Featherstone I (-c.1720)
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William Featherstone I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Featherstone I might describe his life as follows.

I lived on Herring Creek in Westover Parish, Charles City County, on the north side of the James. Since few records for Charles City remain, I can say little about my life.
A lawsuit reveals that my wife was Mary, the widow of Henry May. Evidently May’s will left property to Ruth Wilkinson and her guardian William Randolph sued me in October 1689 claiming I had it—which I did not. After my attorney, Edward Chilton, convinced the justices that May’s will gave away more than he owned, they ordered 2 citizens to evaluate his property and distribute it proportionately to the heirs. 
Since I once unlawfully left the county owing Thomas Cocke 572 pounds of tobacco, he sued me in August 1695 and the court ordered sub-sheriff Joshua Wynn to attach my property. 
One of my daughters married John Cross, a Herring Creek neighbor. Not only did he name a son Featherstone Cross, his will put him in the hands of his uncle, William Featherstone, of course my son.
When son William sold 150 acres on Herring Creek in Westover Parish to Elias Booth in 1726, the deed confirmed he inherited it from me by the will I made 23 December 1718.  If that will had not been destroyed, I could have introduced you to my other children.

Several submitted the name of William Featherstone as a headright: Robert Richardson for land in Accomack in 1666,  Nathaniel Bradford in Northampton in 1672,  and John Wallop in Accomack in 1674. 

Land transactions
William Featherstone and John Edwards secured a patent to 545 acres in Westover Parish, Charles City County, 6 June 1699.  Drury Stith and Samuel Eale held a neighboring 680 acres on the north side of the James River 24 April 1703.  Featherstone got 50 acres on the southeast side of Herring Creek next to William Cole in July 1717.  When John Roach Jr. got 85 acres on Herring Creek 19 Dec. 1711, he submitted the name of William Featherstone—perhaps William Featherstone II—as a headright. 

Descendants of William Featherstone I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 daughter (Featherstone) Cross,  
John Cross,   
 William Featherstone II,  
Robert Bolling,   Charles Howell,  
Capt. Richard Taylor,  Abraham Cocke,   Charles Jennings,  
William Featherstone III,  Susanna Grigg,   
Timothy Murrill,  Richard Cross,   
Francis Raney,  
Burwell Featherstone,  Ann Hightower,  Joshua Hightower,  
William Featherstone,  Elizabeth Jones,   
Burwell Featherstone,  Rebecca Adams,   
Richard Featherstone,  
Joshua Featherstone,  Ann Wilkinson,  
Lucy Ann Minerva Featherstone,  Peter W. Hawthorne Jr.,  
John Richard Featherstone,  Ann E. Haskins,  
Sarah Elizabeth Featherstone,  Thomas Johnson,  Sarah (—) Johnson,  
William Bond Featherstone,  Addie T. Hardy,  
Virginia Alberta Featherstone,  
Joshua James Featherstone,  
Martha Louise Featherstone,  William Thweatt Blackwell,  
Benjamin Wilkinson Featherstone,  
Charles Wesley Featherstone,  
Mary Frances Featherstone,  
Cornelia Wilkinson Featherstone,  
John Featherstone,  
Jesse Featherstone,  Catherine —,  William Grigg Featherstone,   
Charles Howell Featherstone,  Archer Leath,  
Richard Featherstone,  Susannah Davenport,  George Davenport,  
Sarah Davenport,  Lewis Vaughan,   
Lucy Featherstone,  John Vaughan,  
William Vaughan,  
Daniel Vaughan,  
Frances Featherstone,  George Still,  
Ann (—) Still,  Angelica Still,  
Jeremiah Still,  Sally Wynne,  John Wynne,  
Martha Still,  
Elizabeth Featherstone,  Lewellyn Clarke,  Featherstone Wills,  Lucy Spain,  William Clarke,  Charles Willson,   Martha Featherstone,  Elizabeth (—) Pollard,  Francis Pollard,  
Susannah Featherstone,  
William Grigg Featherstone,  Henry Clay,  Charles Clay,   
Henry Westbrook,  Henry Mitchell,  
Lewis Featherstone,  Elizabeth Leath,  Arthur Leath,  Sarah (—) Leath,  
Lewis Featherstone,  Sally Hurt,  
 Charles Featherstone,  
Jean Wright,  Robert Wright,  
Faith Featherstone,  David Grant,  
Charlotte Featherstone,  Burwell Grant,  
William Featherstone,  Catherine Brann,  Thomas Brann,  
Hezekiah Featherstone,  Ann Tarpley,   
Carolus Featherstone,  Gilley Brumfield,  Lucy Elmore,   
Jeremiah Featherstone,  Elizabeth Elmore,   
Wylie Featherstone,  Sally Elmore,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Burwell Featherstone - War of 1812 John Richard Featherstone - Civil War
William Bond Featherstone - Civil War Joshua James Featherstone - Civil War
William Thweatt Blackwell - Civil War  

Selected sources
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