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 1624   Griffith Dickenson (c.1620-c.1670)
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Griffith Dickenson, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Griffith Dickenson might describe his life as follows.

Because Griffith is a Welsh name, my family may have originated in Wales. I was in my 20s and living in the parish of St. Martins Orgar, London, in January 1649/50. At 1:00 p.m. on the 30th of that month the head of King Charles I came off in a single blow, ending the English Civil War.
Elizabeth Springall became my wife 12 June 1649. Since her uncle John Springall was already in the Colony of Virginia, we made a visit there, perhaps to assess business opportunities. We returned to Virginia again by 5 January 1656/7 when the governor granted me 300 acres on Moses Creek, north of the James in James City County in consideration of having paid 6 fares to Virginia, including Elizabeth and me twice.  I later assigned 100 acres to James Haley.
Records of James City County are missing, but ones that remain across the James in Surry suggest I was a merchant with business there, too. In 1663 I and 4 others built a dam in the James River that the House of Burgesses made us remove after fining us 2,000 pounds of tobacco. 
Elizabeth and I were very likely the parents of William Dickenson who apparently had a son named for me. We may have been the parents John Dickenson, and a daughter who married William Townes.
I was dead by 28 May 1673 when Elizabeth was the wife of Thomas Wilkinson who had a dispute with William Townes in New Kent County.  When Wilkinson obtained a patent for 554 acres on Moses Creek in 1683, it included land I once owned. 
The register of St. Peter’s Parish includes the notation, “Eliza. wife of Thom. Wilkinson deceased ye 6 d. of Febry., 1687-8.” 

In 1654 a “Dickerson” family was living in a boarding house in London where one of their children died. If this was Griffith’s family, perhaps they were of low means, or just renting in anticipation of soon emigrating to America.

Surry county debts
Griffith Dickenson petitioned the Surry County court to grant an order against John Dollyes 16 Dec. 1664.  On 26 Feb. 1672/3 Thomas Wilkinson asked Arthur Jordan to appear for him to prosecute action against Thomas Pitman, whose “debt was made to my predecessor Griffith Dickinson.” 

Was Griffith a son of Jeremiah?
Some have identified Griffith as the son of Jeremiah Dickenson who arrived in America on the Margot and John in 1620 and who, at age 26, appeared in the 1624/5 muster with wife, Elizabeth Dickenson, at Elizabeth City.  It was likely he who held 200 acres in James City (now Surry) County in 1636 and added 500 acres 6 May 1638.  Yet this Jeremiah Dickenson died by 22 June 1668 without a will and with no heirs in the colony. 

Descendants of Griffith Dickenson
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 William Dickenson,  
 John Dickenson,  
 daughter (Dickenson) Townes,  
William Townes,  

Selected sources
Schroeder, Gwendolyn Ruth (Hicks). Search for My Ancestors. Richmond: Gateway Press, Inc., 1979:461-479. • Relates the families of Griffith Dickenson, William Dickenson, and Thomas Dickenson.

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