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 14260   Mr. Jones
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We have been unable to identify the father of James Jones from among the several Colonial Jones patriarchs.

Descendants of Mr. Jones
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James Jones (c.1640-1719),  
 Gilbert Jones (c.1641-1685),  
Mr. John Beauchamp,  Richard Cocke,   Joane (—) Jones,  
Robert Jones,  
William Blackman,  William Giles,  
Richard Jones,  
Robert Jones,  William Blackman,   
Mary (—) Jones,  John Cocke,  
Richard Ward,   
James Jones,  
 Maj. Peter Jones I,  
Margaret (—) Jones,  Maj. Gen. Abraham Wood,   
Thomas Cocke,   
Rev. Richard Jones,   Thomas Batte,   John Herbert,  
Lt. Abraham Wood Jones,  Martha Batte,   
Peter Jones,  Mary Batte,   
Mary Jones,  Maj. Joshua Wynne,  Robert Wynne,  Frances (—) Cocke,  Thomas Cocke,   
Margaret Wynne,  Capt. Edward Goodrich,  Charles Goodrich,  
William Byrd,  William Reese,  
James Jones,  George Hunt,  Nicholas Cocke,  
Mary Goodrich,  Roger Tillman,  
Elizabeth Goodrich,  
Benjamin Goodrich,  
Edward Goodrich,  Ann Briggs,   
Mary Wynne,  Capt. John Worsham,   
Peter Wynne,  Frances (—) Wynne,  John Hamlin,  Buller Herbert,  
John Herbert,  
Joshua Wynne,  Mary (—) Wynne,  
Martha Wynne,  
Joshua Wynne,  Lucretia (—) Wynne,  
Sloman Wynne,  
Joshua Wynne,  
Robert Wynne,  
Margaret Wynne,  
Tabitha Wynne,  
Thomas Wynne,  
Sloman Wynne,  
Matthew Wynne,  Sarah —,  
Martha Wynne,  
Anne Wynne,  
Sloman Wynne,  
Martha Wynne,  Noah Brown,   
Anne Wynne,  
Lucretia Wynne,  
Matthew Wynne,  
Bolling Wynne,  
Sally Wynne,  
John Wynne,  
Sloman Wynne,  Sarah —,  Mary —,  
Stith Wynne,  
Joshua Wynne,  
Lucretia Wynne,  
Anne Wynne,  Charles Sturdivant,   
Robert Wynne,  Mary Philipson,  
William Wynne,  
Elizabeth Wynne,  
Robert Wynne,  Frances (—) Wynne,  Lewellyn Jones,   
William Wynne,  
Peter Jones,   Frederick Jones,   
Frances (—) Wynne,  
William Wynne,  William Echols,   Mary (—) Wynne,  John Dix,  
George Combs,  
Thomas Wynne,  Thomas Dudley,  Mary Echols,   
John Wynne,  Thomas Fearn,  
Robert Wynne,  Humphrey Hendricks,  
Margaret Wynne,  Hans Hendrick,  Obediah Hendrick,  William Hogan,  Humphrey Hendrick,  
James Hogan,  Micajah Hendrick,  William Winn Hendrick,  
Elizabeth Wynne,  Moses Echols,   
Mary Wynne,  Thomas Wynne,  
John Dix,  John Butler,  John Stamps,  
William Wynne,  Humphrey Hendricks,  Absalom Hendricks,  
Mary Wynne,  
John Wynne,  
Martha Wynne,  
Francis Wynne,  
Martha Wynne,  Col. Henry Dixon,  
Francis Wynne,  
Francis Wynne,  William Stainback,  
Martha Wynne,  
Richard Jones,  
William Jones,  
 William Jones,  
Sarah Walpole,  Caesar Walpole,  Peter Jones,  
John Marshall,  William Drudge,  
Francis Ledbetter,  John Ledbetter,  Robert Bolling,   John Rudd,  Thomas Atkins,  
Robert Bolling,   William Parham,  
 Daniel Jones,  
Richard Grills,   
Thomas Jones,  Sarah Hancock,   
 Philip Jones I (1661-),  
Bartholomew Chandler,  John Piggot,  Peter Rowlett,   William Chambers,  George Robertson I,   William Pride,   
Henry Vaden,  Thomas Wells,  James Cocke,   Francis Epes,  
Margaret Jones,  Dorothy (—) Jones,  John Perkinson,   Seth Perkinson,   Henry Vaden,  
Martha Jones,  Thomas Chamberlaine,   
Samuel Goode,   
Richard Jones,  James Booker,  John Turner,  Benjamin Lockett,   
William Holt,  
Philip Jones,  William Wilkinson,  John Elam Jr.,  Amy (—) Jones,  
Lucretia Jones,  
William Jones,  
David Jones,  
Margaret Jones,  John Worsham,  George Worsham II,  
William Kennon,  
Philip Worsham,  John Elam Jr.,  
John Elam,  
Philip Worsham,  
Peter Worsham,  Michal Wilkinson,   
John Worsham,  Thomas Burfoot,  
 Cadwallader Jones,  
Thomas Boswell,  
Richard Pierce,  
James Akin,  Richard Grills,   Allenson Clark,   
 Thomas Jones I,  
Mary —,  Mary Repps,  William Ligon,   Elizabeth Repps,  
Edward Skerme,   
Thomas Jones II,  Martha Tanner,   
Repps Jones,  
Martha Jones,  Thomas Osborne,   
Elizabeth Jones,  Philip Turpin,   
 Col. John Jones (-c.1804),  
Elizabeth Crawley,   
John Jones,   Sarah Batte,   
 David Jones (c.1603-c.1670),  
Roger Lucas,  Robert Nicholson,  
Joseph Harwood,  
James Merryman,  John Merryman,  
Nicholas Hill,  
Thomas Blayton,  
Mary Jones,  
Ann Jones,  
John Jones,  
John Jones,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Bolling Wynne - Revolutionary War John Wynne - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Joshua Wynne - Virginia Charles Goodrich - Virginia
Capt. Edward Goodrich - Virginia  

Names on the map
Wynne’s Falls, now Danville, Virginia, was named for William Wynne  

Selected sources
Blankenship, Gayle King. Blankenship Ancestors. Privately Published. 1995. 235-250. • Family and descendants of Peter Jones.
Fothergill, Augusta B. Peter Jones and Richard Jones Genealogies. Richmond: Old Dominion Press, Inc., 1924. • This is a well-known book on these Jones families. Although poorly organized and with some errors, it contains a tremendous amount of material. It covers the families of Peter Jones and Richard Jones who married Amy Batte.
Harrell, Elizabeth J. The Osbornes and Related Families: Jones, Worsham, Fowlkes, Robertson & Gayle. Privately published, 1983:125-130. • Family of Thomas Jones.

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