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 14080   Thomas Lygon (-1615)
Pedigree Chart 10

Thomas Lygon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Lygon might describe his life as follows.

I married Frances Dennis, the daughter of Hugh Dennis and Katherine Trye of Pucklechurch in Gloucestershire and a cousin of my mother, Eleanor Dennis. Because my older brother Richard inherited all the family estates, we lived at Elstone in Gloucester where we reared eight children. 
Frances’ ancestors ruled England a total of 200 years: William the Conqueror (1066-1087), Henry I (1100-1135), Henry II (1154-1189), Henry III (1216-1272), John (1199-1216), and Edward I (1272-1307). She descended also from Henry I of France and Malcolm III of Scotland.
In 1215 English barons had forced King John to sign the Magna Carta. Although the charter granted rights to the aristocracy only, it was a step forward in the development of constitutional government. Of 25 men, called sureties, who signed for the barons, Frances descended from 6.
I died in 1615 and Frances left Wiltshire after 1622 and went to live with our son Thomas at Calouden. “Lame is my feet” is how she began her will. She was buried at the neighboring parish of Sowe 30 January 1624/5.

The ancestry of Frances Dennis is depicted on Pedigree Chart 16.

The will of Frances Lygon
Her will that was recorded 1 June 1625 is shown below. She named a son Garrett who historians omit. 

Will of Frances Lygon
17 October 1622
Frances Lygon, now being at Merston Co. Wilts. Widow. Lame is my feet. Almost all I have to dispose of is an annual rent payable by Mr. Don Colton to whom by consent of my friends and children I have assigned my right in Elstone farm, during my years, for a yearly rent of £75, all which rent that shall be unpaid at my death, viz. of every year’s rent during time then to come to my two sons, Thomas and Richard Ligon, the whole £60 equally, excepting one-half year’s rent and the other £15 amongst my son Garratts children at their father’s pleasure except one-half year’s rent. To my servant Elizabeth Cox 40/0, etc. for her great pains in the time of my lameness. To poor of this town or where I die 40/0. To poor prsh. of Elston what my son thinks necessary. To my son Lygon the whole half year’s rent. My son Thomas Lygon to be exor. Written by my own weak hand.
Witns. Richard Lygon, Tho. Lygon.

Descendants of Thomas Lygon
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Lygon (c.1577-1626),  
 Francis Lygon,  
 William Lygon,  
 Richard Lygon (-1662),  
 John Lygon,  
 Katherine (Lygon) Gerrard,  
 Joan Lygon,  
 Alice (Lygon) Brokesby Berry,  
Brokesby,  Berry,  
Eleanor Dennis,   William Lygon,   
Isabel Mowbray,  
William de Mowbray,  
Gilbert de Clare,  
Richard de Clare,  
John de Lacie,  
Robert de Vere,  
Saiher de Quincey,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
European Notables
William de Mowbray Magna Carta surety Gilbert de Clare Magna Carta surety
Richard de Clare Magna Carta surety John de Lacie Magna Carta surety
Robert de Vere Magna Carta surety Saiher de Quincey Magna Carta surety

Selected sources
Wood, Michael J. and Gary Boyd Roberts. “Four Thomas Lygons (Ligons): An Abstract of New Findings.” The Virginia Genealogist. 22:253-255 (1978). • Distinguishes the 4 consecutive men of this name: Thomas Lygon, Thomas Lygon, Thomas Ligon, and Thomas Ligon.

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