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 132   Edward Scarbrough II (c.1700-c.1742)
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Edward Scarbrough II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edward Scarbrough II might describe his life as follows.

Because my father died in his 40s leaving me a minor heir to his estate, I required a guardian to hold my inheritance until I was 21. At 14 a boy could choose his own guardian, so I selected Richard Lewis 20 March 1716/7. Since that was soon after my father died, I was then between 14 and 21 years old.  In appreciation of the care I received from Mr. Lewis, I named a son for him.
In 1732-34 I acquired 215 acres about 2 miles south of the town of Carsley, which is on present-day maps of Surry County.  It was a fine plantation that my eldest son, William, would eventually inherit.
I, too, died in my 40s leaving minors. On 19 January 1742/3 the court ordered the church wardens to “bind out” my children. Before Jefferson separated church and state affairs in Virginia, Anglican parishes handled welfare. County justices could direct a parish to place orphans or poor children in the Colonial equivalent of foster homes to learn a trade, then called being “bound out.”

The estate of Edward Scarbrough was recorded 17 Aug. 1743. 
William Scarbrough was evidently Edward’s eldest son for he inherited the land. His brothers were undoubtedly Edward and Lewis to whom William sold land, and another son was likely John Scarbrough. All 4 later lived within 5 miles of present-day Meredithville, Brunswick County.

Other Scarbroughs
Mary Scarbrough was head of a household of two whites in Surry County in 1782. 
The will of Hubbard Scarbrough in Brunswick County left his entire estate to his brothers, Seth Scarbrough and Enos Scarbrough (will dated 13 Jan. 1795  and proved 23 Feb. 1795), and estate accounts named no others of this name.  Enos and Seth Scarbrough were under the guardianship of H. Hicks in 1797.  We have yet to place these men among the sons of Edward Scarbrough, if that is where they belong.

Descendants of Edward Scarbrough II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Scarbrough (c.1730-c.1804),  
 Edward Scarbrough III (-1782),  
John Cocke,  
James Roy,  James Bennett,  Joseph Bennett,  
James Harrison,  Scarbrough Penticost,   Wilson Turbeville,  Thomas Sadler,  
Nancy Scarbrough,  William Ragsdale,  
Fanning Scarbrough,  Frances Scarbrough,  William Dicks,  William Fanning,  
 Lewis Scarbrough (-1797),  
William Saffold,  Thomas Briggs,   
Thomas Chambliss,  
Daniel Dugger,   
Samuel Scarbrough,  
Sarah Scarbrough,  Allen Jackson,  
Mary Scarbrough,  
Edward Scarbrough,  
Wilmouth Scarbrough,  
 John Scarbrough,  
Elizabeth (—) Scarbrough,  Thomas Singleton,  
Amos Timms,  
Capt. Henry Tooker,  
Rebecca Scarbrough,  William Turbeville,  
 daughter (Scarbrough) Penticost,  
Scarbrough Penticost,  Edward Scarbrough,   Robert Turnbull,   
Rachel (—) Penticost,  Nancy Reese,  
Delphy Penticost,  James Hill,  
William Penticost,  Dorothy Coleman,  
Thomas Penticost,  Mary Faulkner,  
Charles Penticost,  
Francis Penticost,  
John Penticost,  Milley Fleming,  William Fleming,  
Freeman Penticost,  Jincy Fleming,  William Fleming,  
Scarbrough Penticost,  Polly Pamplin,  Henry Pamplin,  Esther Rice,  
Margaret Penticost,  John Saunders,  
Scarbrough Saunders,  
James Penticost,  Sarah Saunders,  Rev. Thomas Lundie,   
William Penticost,  Lucy (—) Johns,  
Thomas Penticost,  
William Penticost,  Obedience Mann,  Jesse Mann,  
Elizabeth Penticost,  William St. John,  
Martha Penticost,  Daniel Dial,  
Richard Penticost,  Mary (—) Penticost,  Amy Sullivant,  Griffin Dodd,  
Jane Penticost,  
Mary Penticost,  Paschal Tucker,  
John Penticost,  Elizabeth Pamplin,  Henry Pamplin,  Esther —,  
Sarah Penticost,  Harris,  
Ann Penticost,  John Jackson,  
Milly Penticost,  James Phillips,  Anthony Phillips,  
Martha Phillips,  
 George Penticost,  
George Penticost,  Jane (—) Penticost,  
Elizabeth Penticost,  
William Penticost,  
William Pentecost,  Delilah Wood,  John P. Wood,  Frances —,  Julianne Brown,  Mary Bradley,  
Richard Wood Pentecost,  
George Pentecost,  
Matthew Mayes Pentecost,  
John Wesley Pentecost,  
Selah Pentecost,  
Frances Mayes Pentecost,  
Phoebe Traylor Pentecost,  
Dancy Pentecost,  
Lucy Penticost,  
Anne Penticost,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Pentecost - Revolutionary War Dancy Pentecost - Revolutionary War

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