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 1226   James Biddlecomb
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James Biddlecomb, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Biddlecomb might describe his life as follows.

The earliest record of my name still remaining reveals that I watched George Ludlow of York County amend his will 23 October 1655.  Seven years later I was on an escheat jury in old Rappahannock County. Escheat is the reversion of property to the state for want of heirs and the governor commissioned us to assess whether James Bagnall had any heirs in the Colony. 
For planting tobacco, I bought 400 acres on Totuskey Creek from Edward Lewis 15 June 1664 and 250 acres from James Tune 29 September 1665.  I was married to Mary by 3 July 1668 when we sold 200 acres to Anthony Lancaster. 
Our family lived in old Rappahannock County, but, like me, it no longer exists. Totuskey Creek is in present-day Richmond County formed in 1692 and that is where our three children reared their families.
The governor could not escheat my property because a deed in old Rappahannock County of 8 January 1683/4 mentioned “land belonging to the heirs of James Biddlecomb.”  Of course, I was dead by then. Mary died in 1713, the widow of a second husband, Samuel Peachey.

We have been unable to identify James’ wife Mary.
Peachy’s will made a bequest to the eldest daughter of James and Mary Tarpley, and mentioned also James Biddlecomb—presumably Mary’s brother—and his eldest son (will dated 24 Jan. 1711/2  and proved 4 June 1712).
Mary Peachey left Mary Tarpley and her children half her estate and gave property to children of her daughter Elizabeth Jones. Her daughter Mrs. Mary Tarpley presented the will that her husband proved (will dated May 1713  and proved 2 Sept. 1713). 

Descendants of James Biddlecomb
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James Biddlecomb (-1716),  
Elizabeth Kirk,  Thomas Kirk,  
William Goulding,  Elizabeth Biddlecomb,  John Biddlecomb,  
John Biddlecomb,  
 Mary (Biddlecomb) Tarpley,  
James Tarpley,   
 Elizabeth (Biddlecomb) Jones,  
John Jones,  
Edward Jones,  Alicia (Samford) Lunn,  James Samford,  William Barber,  
Samford Jones,  Mary —,  
Sarah Jones,  
Winifred Jones,  
Alicia Jones,  
Jane Jones,  
Betty Jones,  
Alicia Jones,  

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