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 1224   James Tarpley I
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James Tarpley I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, James Tarpley I might describe his life as follows.

In 1664 the governor granted Richard Webley, Robert Davis, and Thomas Freshwater 7,221 acres on Totuskey Creek in Rappahannock and Northumberland counties for having paid the transportation costs for 145 persons, me included, to the Colony.  Frankly, these man may never have met me because transportation receipts for “headrights,” as we were called, were transferrable.
I was very likely the father of brothers, James and John Tarpley, who lived on Totuskey Creek in present-day Richmond County. Their mother, Mary, became the wife of Capt. William Barber by 1679.

We have not identified James’ wife, Mary Tarpley.

Tarpley Beckwith and Tarpley Tune
The name Tarpley appears in two other Richmond County families, neither of which we can connect with a Tarpley daughter.
Tarpley Beckwith was born 2 Oct. 1718, a son of Sir Marmaduke Beckwith and his wife, Elizabeth Brockenbrough. 
Tarpley Tune was born 24 Feb. 1741/2, a son of William Tune (- 20 May 1755 ) and his wife, Joanna.  Tarpley, who was a minor when his father made his will in Richmond County in 1755,  died of smallpox at the home of his brother, Samuel Tune, by 20 July 1763. 

Descendants of James Tarpley I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Capt. James Tarpley II (-1713),  
Mary Biddlecomb,   
 Col. John Tarpley (-1739),  
Elizabeth (Nutt) Newman,  Capt. Alexander Newman,  William Nutt,  Elizabeth —,  Rev. John Farnefold,  Richard Nutt,  
Ann Glascock,   Frances Glascock,   Charles Barber,   
Mary Carpenter,  John Hipkins,  Mary Glascock,   
Elizabeth Glascock,   
Col. Moore Fauntleroy,  
William Barber,   Charles Barber,   William Tayloe,  
William Tayloe,  
John Tarpley,  Thomas Harwar,  Elizabeth Ripping,  Edward Ripping,  Mary —,  
Appleby Searle,  
Maj. Travers Tarpley,  Betty (—) Tarpley,  Betty Sydnor,   Elizabeth (Dew) Sydnor,  
Mary Scott,  
Fanny Tarpley,  Raleigh Chinn,  Thomas Chinn,  Sarah Mitchell,  Robert Mitchell,  
Elizabeth Shearman,  Martin Shearman,  Ann Chinn,  
Lucy Tarpley Chinn,  Beveridge,  
Fanny Tarpley Chinn,  
Betty Tarpley,  Col. Leroy Peachy,  Capt. Samuel Peachy,  Winifred Griffin,  
William Travers Peachy,  
Leroy Peachy,  
Winifred Peachy,  
Winifred Tarpley,  Charles Barber McCarty,   
Lucy Tarpley,  Lodowick Jones,  Humphrey Jones,  Elizabeth —,  
Elizabeth Travers Jones,  
Milly Tarpley,  Beverley Daniel,  
Robert Beverley Daniel,  Thomas Muse,   Elliott Muse,   
Lucy Daniel,  Matthew Kemp,  
Louisa B. Kemp,  
Emilla Kemp,  
Frances Ann Daniel,  
Ann Mitchell Tarpley,  Chinn,  Kellingham,  
Samuel Travers Tarpley,  Daniel Hornby,  
Col. John Tarpley,  
Anne Griffin,  Thomas Griffin,  Elizabeth —,  
Fielding Nash,  John Woodbridge,  Landon Carter,  
John Tarpley,  
Elizabeth Tarpley,  
Alice Tarpley,  
Winifred Griffin Tarpley,  William Webb,  John Spann Webb,  Sarah Alderson,  
Capt. James Montague,  Thomas Montague,  
Jean Montague,  
Willamira Webb,  Capt. Holland Haynie,  
Harriet Montague,  
Thomas Tarpley Montague,  Elizabeth Montague,  Col. Philip Montague,  Frances Montague,  
Travers Tarpley,  
Thomas Tarpley,  
Catherine Tarpley,  
Betty Tarpley,  
Edward Ripping Tarpley,  
Elizabeth Tarpley,  
Tertius Quintus Tarpley,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Legislators - colonial and state
John Tarpley - Virginia Beverley Daniel - Virginia
Robert Beverley Daniel - Virginia Thomas Griffin - Virginia
Capt. James Montague - Virginia  

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