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†122† Richard Oliver II (c.1790-1850)
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Richard Oliver II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Richard Oliver II might describe his life as follows.

I was about 25 years old when I married Sarah R. Cook in Nottoway County around 1815. We stayed there a few more before moving onto Halifax County where our children grew up. The will I made in Halifax County in 1850 left slaves and money to our six children.

Richard was aged 16 to 26 in 1810, placing his birth 1784-94,† and he presumably left Nottoway County in 1818 when he last appeared on personal property tax rolls there.

By 1820 3 men named Richard Oliver were in Halifax County. A father and son, and another styled NM, likely our Richard Oliver whose household was comprised of a male 26-45, female 16-26, and two daughters and a son all less than 10 years of age. The ages of the adults conform precisely to the estimates for Richard and Sarah, and 3 children of that age suggest a marriage of 1812-5, which is not inconsistent with Sarahís presence in her motherís household in 1810.
Richardís will, which he made 19 Jan. 1850, remembered Sarah and named 6 children: Elizabeth and her husband John Edwards, Martha and her husband John Crawley, Adelaide Oliver, Robert F. Oliver, Caroline Oliver, and Cornelius Lafayette Oliver.†
The Census of 1850 listed Sarah, who stated she was 48, with Adelaide 20, Caroline 15, and Cornelius 13.† Only Adelaide remained in Sarahís household in 1860.†

Descendants of Richard Oliver II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
Ann Eliza S. (Oliver) Edwards (c.1820-1874),††
John Edwards, ††
Martha (Oliver) Crawley (c.1825-),††
John Crawley,††
Adelaide Oliver (c.1830-),††
Robert F. Oliver (c.1828-),††
Sarah (ó) Oliver,††
Caroline Oliver (c.1835-),††
Cornelius Lafayette Oliver (c.1837-),††

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