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 1172   Henry Briggs (-1686)
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Henry Briggs, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Briggs might describe his life as follows.

My named appeared first in the few remaining records of Charles City County 3 February 1657/8 when Gabriel Briggs and I witnessed a deed for Elizabeth Hacker.  I served also on a coroner’s jury in 1658 that concluded William Wheeler and Edward Lee accidentally drowned in Wards Creek. 
On 3 June 1662 the court granted me administration of the estate of Gabriel Briggs who may have been my father or brother. 
Just south of Charles City is Surry County where I evidently moved by 5 November 1662 when that court called me to serve on a jury. 
I became the fourth husband of Mary Blunt Ford Washington and we were the parents of Henry, Charles, Samuel, George, and Mary Briggs. My second wife was Margery, the widow of John Gilliam.
The will I made in September 1681 provided a comfortable estate for Margery and divided my land among my 4 sons. To daughter Mary, I left some dishes and other household items. Although I lived nearly another 5 years, I evidently had no reason to modify its terms.
While I do not know happened to Mary, I can tell you that my sons remained in Surry where Henry was the official interpreter of the Southern Indians. He, Samuel, and Charles all had large families, but George died unmarried.

Henry appeared in tithable lists from 1668-86,  and stepsons Thomas Blunt and Richard Washington were in his household in 1678-79.  Henry Briggs Jr. and Richard Washington were there in 1680, Henry Briggs Jr. and Charles Briggs in 1781, and Hinchia Gilliam in 1682-4. 

Henry’s will
Henry Briggs made his will in Surry County 26 Sept. 1681 and was dead by 6 July 1686 when they proved it in court. 

Will of Henry Briggs
26 September 1681
To son Henry Briggs, 100 acres upon boiling spring continuing down Otterdam Swamp, a breadth of 100 acres.
To son Charles, all land from the 150 acres before mentioned, unto my son-in-law Thomas Blunt, his line to him, the said Charles Briggs his heirs …
My will is that the land laid out for my son-in-law, Thomas Blunt, according to his bill of sale by me signed, be acknowledged in Court by my executor, to him, Thomas Blunt and his heirs.
I bequeath unto my two sons, George Briggs and Samuel Briggs, after ye decease of my wife, Margery Briggs, all ye rest of my land not before expressed, to be equally divided betwixt them and that half my plantation I now live on to my son, George Briggs, to them—said Geo. Briggs and Samuel Briggs …
Daughter Marie Briggs, dishes …
Wife Margery, after debts are satisfied, all estate real and personal except what in the will is before named.

Descendants of Henry Briggs
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Henry Briggs (c.1662-1739),  
Patrick Lashley,  
Elizabeth Lucas,  William Lucas,  Grace —,  
William Barker,   
Henry Briggs,  
Mary Briggs,  Bedingfield,  
Henry Bedingfield,  Thomas Jordan,  Martha (—) Bedingfield,  
Isabel (—) Bedingfield,  Moses Johnson,   
Thomas Bedingfield,  
Nathaniel Bedingfield,  Elizabeth (—) Bedingfield,  
Isabella Bedingfield,  John Lessenberry,  
Elizabeth Lessenberry,  
Elizabeth Bedingfield,  
Henry Bedingfield,  
William Bedingfield,  
Sarah Bedingfield,  
John Bedingfield,  Mary Cook,   
Ann Briggs,  William Barton,  
Jane Briggs,  Thomas Day,  
Hannah Briggs,  Richard Hill,  Sion Hill,  
Green Hill,  Grace Bennett,  William Evans,  
Mary Hill,  William Malone,  
Mary Chappell,   
Frances Malone,  William Oliver,  Thomas Oliver,  
Elizabeth Tyus,  
Isaac Oliver,  
Isaac Oliver,  
Lucy Oliver,  William Shands III,  William Shands II,  Priscilla Moss,  John Winfield,  Joel T. Winfield,  
Rev. Thomas Shands,  
Mary Shands,  
Frances Shands,  Thomas Anderson,  
William Shands IV,  Sarah Gee Rives,   
Elizabeth Shands,  John Winfield,  
Sarah Oliver Shands,  Joel Winfield,  
Lucy M. Shands,  
Susanna Oliver Shands,  Henry Winfield Eppes,   
Ann Shands,  
Anne Oliver,  Theodorick Chambliss,   
Frances Oliver,  John Wrenn,  
Jane Oliver,  Nathan Northington,  
Rebecca Oliver,  Benjamin Wilborne Jr.,  Benjamin Wilborne,  Betty —,  
Benjamin Wilborne,  
Sarah Oliver,  William Fowler,  
Elizabeth Oliver,  Gabriel Moss,   
Francis Oliver,  
Susanna Oliver,  Edward Anderson,   
Lucy Malone,  McKinney,  
Mary Malone,  
Nathaniel Malone,  
William Malone,  
Michael Malone,  Ann (—) Malone,  
Lucy Malone,  Richard Gary,   
John Pettway Malone,  
Mary Malone,  James Northcross,  Richard Northcross,  Jane —,  Richard Leath,  
Frances Malone,  
Rebecca Malone,  
Martha Malone,  
Elizabeth Malone,  Jones Bonner,   
Daniel Malone,  Amy Chappell,   
Elizabeth Malone,  Thomas Chappell,   
John Hill,  Mildred Gilliam,   
Capt. Richard Hill,  Margery Gilliam,   
Priscilla Briggs,  William Barker,  Joshua Barker,  
Elizabeth Briggs,  James Chappell,   
William Briggs,  
 Charles Briggs (c.1665-1730),  
William Sanders,  Richard Wall,  John Smith,  
George Briggs,  Sarah —,  
Robert Warren,  Thomas Nicholas,  
Samuel Briggs,   
Maj. Charles Briggs,  Elizabeth Blow,  Sarah Andrews,  
Michael Blow,  
Martha Briggs,  
George Briggs,  
Janie Briggs,  
Charles Briggs,  Jane Parker,   
Samuel Briggs,  Betsy Blow,  
William Briggs,  Mary Nicholson,  John Nicholson,  Lucy Edmunds,   Martha (Nicholson) Briggs,  Mark Nicholson,  Martha —,  Martha (Dobie) Cocke,  Nathaniel Cocke,  
Sarah Briggs,  Howell Nicholson,  
William Henry Nicholson,  Frances M. —,  
Dr. John Edmunds Nicholson,  Jane Briggs,  Capt. William Briggs,  Mary J. (—) Nicholson,  
Ann Nicholson,  Wilson Holleman,  
George Nicholson,  
Robert Nicholson,  
Samuel Nicholson,  
Henry Briggs,  Sarah Nicholson,  
Frances Briggs,  Capt. Samuel Colvert,  
Ann Briggs,  Jerry Cobb,  
Mary Briggs,  
Rebecca Briggs,  
Dorothy Briggs,  
Sarah Briggs,  Henry Edmunds,  
Henry Briggs,  Mary Blow,  Richard Blow,  Ann Thomas,  
Charles Briggs,  
Henry Briggs,  
Ann Briggs,  
Mary Briggs,  John Blow,  John Thomas,  
Maj. William Blow,  Winifred Gee Rives,  John Rives,   
Elizabeth Briggs,  John Peterson,   
Frances Briggs Peterson,  Col. Miles Cary,   
Frances Briggs,  Benjamin Blunt,   
Rebecca Briggs,  John Irby,   
Howell Briggs,  Susanna Scott,   
Susanna Briggs,  Harris Nicholson,  Robert Nicholson,  Mary Harris,  George Bevin,  
Charles Nicholson,  
Sarah Briggs,  Joshua Nicholson,   
Jeremiah Ellis,  Henry Peebles,  William Lucas,  William Moss,  Thomas Clarke,  
Elizabeth Nicholson,  Rives,  
Sarah Nicholson,  Henry Seward,  
Edward Seward,  
Sarah Briggs Seward,  Thorpe,  
Lucy Nicholson,  Col. Howell Edmunds,   
Sarah Edmunds,  
Lucy Edmunds,  
Fanny Nicholson,  Owen Myrick,  
Sarah Myrick,  Henry Blow,  
Joshua Nicholson,  Mary Kirby,  Mary Kirby Jr.,  
Charles Briggs Nicholson,  
Fanny Nicholson,  
Lucy Nicholson,  Byrd Lundy,  Mary Turner,  
Matilda Nicholson,  
Henry Vaughan,  Ann Thomas,  Richard Blow,  
John Thomas,  William Thomas,  Priscilla Browne,   
James Vaughan,  
Mary Briggs Vaughan,  
Henry Vaughan,  
Thomas Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Vaughan,  
Frances Briggs,  William Rose,  
Capt. Howell Briggs,  Lucy Gray,  William Gray,  Mary (Crafford) Seward,  
Charles Judkins,  
Sarah (Edmunds) Jones,   
Gray Briggs,  Dorothy Pleasants,  John Pleasants III,  
Robert Wynne,   
Dolly Pleasants Briggs,  Col. John Nicholas,  
Gray Briggs,  
John Howell Briggs,  
Eliza Briggs,  Capt. Henry Heath,  William Heath Jr.,  Margaret —,  
Mary Briggs,  Halcot Pride,   
Elizabeth Briggs,  George Kerr,  
Charles Briggs,  
Amelia Briggs,  Harris Nicholson,  
 Samuel Briggs (c.1672-1737),  
Mary Bailey,  
 George Briggs (c.1675-1698),  
 Mary Briggs,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Shands - Revolutionary War Benjamin Blunt - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Michael Blow - Virginia John Edmunds Nicholson - Virginia
Benjamin Blunt - Virginia Gray Briggs - Virginia
John Nicholas - Virginia John Howell Briggs - Virginia

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