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 112646   Maurice Berkeley (-1506)
Pedigree Chart 10

Maurice Berkeley, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Maurice Berkeley might describe his life as follows.

Both my mother and father were of royal blood. Not only do I descend through an unbroken male line from the Saxon King Eadnoth whose son, Harding, died in 1115, I am also a 13th-generation descendant of William “The Conqueror.” My mother, Isabel Mowbray, descended from Edward I, King of England, and Henry I, King of France, among many royal dignitaries.
I married Isabel Meade, the daughter of Philip Meade, Esq. who was an alderman of Bristol and descended from the Meade’s of Wraxall in Somersetshire. When Christopher Columbus sailed to America in 1492, Isabel and I were living in Gloucestershire, England, near the town of Berkeley.
I was rightfully the Third Baron Berkeley, but because the Meade’s were of humble blood, my elder brother William withheld all the Berkeley estates from me. At least I inherited a share of an estate from my mother.
Isabel and I were the parents of 4 children before my death in 1506.

Sir Maurice Berkeley’s ancestry is depicted on Pedigree Chart 20. He descended from Harding, the son of Eadnoth the Marshall or “Staller,” a high official, under King Edward “The Confessor.” This Harding probably had a son of the same name. A Harding played a distinguished role in the Crusades and helped King Baldwin I of Jerusalem win the Battle of Jaffa in 1102. The son of the crusader was Robert FitzHarding, later Robert de Berkeley. The prefix Fitz meant “son of.”
Maurice Berkeley’s mother, Isabel Mowbray, was an ancestor of Frances Dennis, the wife of Thomas Lygon. Her ancestry is depicted on Pedigree Chart 17.

Town of Berkeley
The town of Berkeley was one of 5 ancient boroughs in Gloucestershire in the time of King Edward I, who chartered it to be governed by a mayor and an alderman, until annulled in 1885. Embracing nearly 30 parishes, the manor and was one of the largest in England and conferred the title of earl and baron on the Berkeley family.
In the Domesday Book, an ancient record of land ownership, the name “Berkeley” was written “Berchelai,” whereas the Saxons wrote it “Beoncenlan,” supposedly derived from beonce, the beech tree, that once grew very plentifully there.

Descendants of Maurice Berkeley
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Maurice Berkeley (1467-1523),  
Catherine Berkeley,  Sir William Berkeley,  
 Thomas Berkeley (1472-),  
Eleanor Constable,  Sir Marmaduke Constable,  William Ingleby,  Cicely (—) Berkeley,  Richard Rowden,  
Thomas Berkeley,  Mary Hastings,  George Hastings,  Anne Savage,  Sir John Savage,  
Henry Berkeley,  
Lady Catherine Howard,  Henry Howard,  Jane (Stanhope) Townshend,  Sir Michael Stanhope,  Sir Roger Townshend,  
Thomas Berkeley,  
Ferdinando Berkeley,  
Jane Berkeley,  
Mary Berkeley,  John Zouch,  Sir John Zouch,  
Sir John Zouch,  Isabel Lowe,  Patrick Lowe,  Thomas Ellis,  
John Zouch,  Abraham Wood,   
Katherine Zouch,  
Isabella Zouch,  Robert Milward,  Sir Thomas Milward,  
Elizabeth Zouch,  Col. Devereux Woolseley,  
Mary Zouch,  
Frances Berkeley,  John Shirley,  
Maurice Berkeley,  
Mirill Berkeley,  Robert Throckmorton,  
Joan Berkeley,  Sir Nicholas Poyntz,  
 James Berkeley,  
Susan Viell,  
 Anne (Berkeley) Dennis,  
Sir William Dennis,   
Hugh Despencer,  Eleonora de Clare,  Joan d’Arce,  Gilbert de Clare,  
Roger Mortimer,  
Sir Thomas Berkeley,  
James Berkeley,  Sir Humphrey Stafford,  Isabel Mowbray,  Thomas Mowbray,  Henry Ferrers,  William, Lord Ferrers,  
Joan Talbot,  John Talbot,  Margaret de Beauchamp,  
Sir James Berkeley,  Elizabeth Bluet,  John Bluet,  William Thomas,  
Sir Maurice Berkeley,  Elizabeth Despencer,  Hugh Despencer,  
Sir Thomas Berkeley,  Margaret Mortimer,  Roger Mortimer,  
Catherine (Clyvedon) Le Veel,  Sir Peter Le Veel,  Sir John Clyvedon,  
John Berkeley,  George Washington,  Martha Dandridge,  
Maurice Berkeley,  Eva la Zouch,  Eudo la Zouch,  Isabel de Clare,  Gilbert de Clare,  
Sir Maurice Berkeley,  William Berkeley,   
Thomas Berkeley,  
William de Ferrers,  Maurice Berkeley,  
Hugh Despencer,  
Hugh Bigod,  
Roger Bigod,  
Maurice Berkeley,  Maurice de Credonia,  
Thomas de Berkeley,  Ralph de Somery,  
Maurice de Berkeley,  Roger de Berkeley,  
Robert de Berkeley,  
Robert FitzHarding,  
Robert de Berkeley,  Henry de Berkeley,  
Roger de Berkeley,  Robert de Berkeley,  
Roger de Berkeley,  
Hugh de Beauchamp,  Richard de Beauchamp,   Richard Lygon,   
Richard Lygon,   Richard Beauchamp,  Anne Beauchamp,  Thomas Lygon,   Joan Bracy,  
Richard de Clare,  
Robert FitzHarding,  William Lygon,   Thomas Lygon,   Margaret Lygon,   
Frances Dennis,  William de Mowbray,  Robert de Vere,  Saiher de Quincey,  Gilbert de Clare,  Richard de Clare,  John de Lacie,  Hugh Bigod,  Roger le Bigod,  Eleanor Dennis,   William Lygon,   Henry de Bohun,  William de Huntingfield,  William Malet,  
Simon de Montfort,  Hugh Bigod,  Gilbert de Clare,  
Robert de Bracy,  Thomas Lygon,   
Humphrey de Bohun,  Roger Bigod,  Richard de Beauchamp,  Richard Lygon,   William Lygon,   
William Wallace,  Robert Bruce,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
European Notables
Thomas Berkeley Member of Parliament Henry Berkeley Member of Parliament
Sir Maurice Berkeley Member of Parliament Sir Thomas Berkeley Member of Parliament
Maurice Berkeley Member of Parliament Thomas Berkeley Member of Parliament
Hugh Bigod Magna Carta surety Roger Bigod Magna Carta surety

Legislators - colonial and state
John Zouch - Virginia  

Selected sources
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Meyer, Virginia M. and John Frederick Dorman. Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia 1607-1624/5. Order of First Families of Virginia, 1987:729-731. • Family of Sir John Zouch.

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