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 112   William H. Carr (c.1790-1882)
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William H. Carr, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William H. Carr might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1790 in Halifax County, Virginia, and was just the right age to be in the War of 1812, for which I received a pension.  Back from military service, I married Mary Ann DeJarnatt in Pittsylvania County 22 April (bond) 1816.  By 1820 “Polly,” as I called her, was the mother of three children: Paul W., Adeline M., and Patience E.G. Carr. The “E.G.” was for Edna George, Polly’s grandmother.
I soon took out for Tennessee when the pressures of family life became too much for me. When I heard my father died in 1834, leaving me nothing, I came home to contest the will. That is when I learned Polly was the mother of three sons of Jordan R. Lipscomb.
I could do little but leave my teenagers as Lipscomb’s wards, and go back to Tennessee. A buddy, D.C. Caswell, had me buried sometime before 16 May 1882 when he sought reimbursement for his costs.

William H. Carr served in the War of 1812 in Col. John L. Jennings Company of Halifax County, 31 Oct. to 30 Dec. 1814.
After William left Virginia, he apparently went to Hart County, Ky., 1852-55, and to Obion County, Tenn., where he was living in 1826 when he sold a slave to his brother Silas Addison Carr in Henry County.

Descendants of William H. Carr
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 Capt. Paul W. Carr (1819-1903),  
 Adeline Mobrey (Carr) Weatherford (1817-1904),  
John Martin Weatherford,  Charles Anderson Weatherford,  Ann Holt,  
Mary A. Weatherford,  
Patience M. Weatherford,  
Charles J. Weatherford,  
Elizabeth Weatherford,  
Paul B. Weatherford,  
John C. Weatherford,  
James T. Weatherford,  Victoria E. —,  
Mabel L. Weatherford,  
Sterling Weatherford,  
 Patience E.G. (Carr) Weatherford (1820-1891),  
Robert A. Weatherford,  
Patience Weatherford,  James Campbell,  
Anna B. Weatherford,  
Adeline Weatherford,  
Mary Weatherford,  
Nancy Weatherford,  
Charles A. Weatherford,  
Paul Weatherford,  
Liza Weatherford,  
Robert A. Weatherford,  
Louisa Weatherford,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William H. Carr - War of 1812  

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