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 110   William Baxter Ligon (-c.1849)
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William Baxter Ligon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Baxter Ligon might describe his life as follows.

About 1806 I married Kerenhappuch Walker, the daughter of Capt. William Walker and Mary Ann Smith, of “High Hill” in Cumberland County. Her parents named her for one of Job’s 3 daughters, Keziah, Jemima, and Kerenhappuch.
“Karen,” as I called her, and I were parents of 9 children. I could vote in Amelia and Prince Edward counties because I owned land in both. 
I was alive 9 February 1848 when I deeded 665 acres on the Appomattox River to my son Warren, but dead by 1850 when Karen alone signed a contract with Warren. 
Karen sold out in Amelia and left with 4 sons for Fayette County, Texas, 4 September 1851. In their party were five families including the families of Herbert Eanes and Watkins L. Eanes, 26 whites and 79 blacks, with 42 horses, 10 wagons, and 5 carriages. They reached the Tennessee state line in 19 days and crossed Tennessee and Arkansas, arriving at Rutersville, Texas, 26 December 1851.
Ann Virginia (Page) Eanes kept a diary of this trip. Her Day Book From Virginia to Texas by Land, now in the University of Texas Library, concludes with, “We are pleasant situatted with Negrows, and stock of all kind and a fine well of water in yard. Everything promices a pleasant futre.” 
Our daughters, including Ann Jane Elizabeth who married Reuben Blanton of Cumberland County, remained in Virginia. Karen died between 1870 and 1880.

The Baxter connection?
We do not know how William derived his middle name. One John Baxter appeared briefly in Henrico County in 1685 when he helped resolve a dispute between John Woodson and Thomas Charles and when he sued Capt. Daniel Bradley.  When Baxter sued Giles Webb in Dec. 1688, John Watson provided testimony.  John was living on the main run of the Chickahominy when he deeded 800 acres in Westover Parish to Henry Wyatt 14 Feb. 1692/3. His wife was then Sarah.  Three justices of Charles City County met with Baxter in 1695 regarding the bridge over the Chickahominy River that he built and was to maintain. 

Descendants of William Baxter Ligon
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Martha A.E. Ligon (1805-1829),  
Willis Blanton,   
 William Walker Ligon (1807-1894),  
Nancy M. Eanes,  Herbert Eanes,  
Watkins L. Eanes,   
Maria Frances Goode,   William Lindsay Blanton,   
Adeline R. Ligon,  Robert Wood,  James Wood,  
Thomas W. Ligon,  
William Henry Ligon,  Elizabeth Jones,  Addison Jones,  Ann Moore,  
Ann Jane Ligon,  George W. Johnson,  
Mary Page Ligon,  Anderson Ross,  Lemuel Smith,  
Elizabeth Ligon,  Robert J. Moore,  George A. Hall,  
Lee Ligon,  Bettie Regina Hearn,  
 Ann Jane Elizabeth (Ligon) Blanton (c.1815-),  
Reuben Blanton,   
 Warren Baker Burton Ligon (1822-),  
Chastina Frances Moore,  
Thomas Henry Ligon,  Carrie E. Harwell,  
Benjamin A. Ligon,  Katherine Lewis,  
Samuel Warren Ligon,  Mary Jane Norton,  
Sallie Ann Ligon,  Grundy Lewis,  
John Allen Ligon,  Julia C. Meitzen,  Otto Meitzen,  Jennie Caroline Alpine Holmgren,  
 Smith Watson Ligon (1822-1904),  
Jane F. Brackett,  James Brackett,  Jane S. —,  Herbert Eanes,  
Minerva Curtis Stephens,  Hiram Stephens,  Lavina Curtis,  
William Joseph Ligon,  
Allen W. Ligon,  
Mary Cornelia Ligon,  Robert A. Jones,  
Kerenhappuch Ligon,  
Virginia Ann Ligon,  Thomas Jefferson Hanson,  
Erastus Walker Ligon,  Eugenia Herrell,  Josephine Ross,  Mary Page Ligon,   
Frederick Watson Ligon,  Annie Adkerson,  
Lavenia Elizabeth Swan Ligon,  William Wyatt Hammond,  
Waddy Thompson Ligon,  Buna Barnett,  
Walter Hiram Ligon,  Lenora Mahan,  Ella Ratliff,  
Curtis Smith Ligon,  
Otis Watson Ligon,  Lenora Harwell,  
Florence Watson Ligon,  James Thomas Sims,  Albert Gee Bradley,  
Lavina Curtis Ligon,  Simon C. Clymer,  
Gertrude Mason Ligon,  Sanford Ramie Hereford,  
Smith Watson Ligon,  Hettie Virginia Kuykendall,  
Robert Wilbur Ligon,  
 Robert S. Ligon (-1852),  
Judith C. Green,  Edward Green,  Rev. T.W. Howe,  Edward Green,   Nancy Marshall Jeter,   
Mary Ann Booker,  Lucy Rebecca Eanes,   William Henry Hillsman,   
Sidneyham Ligon,  Rebecca Louise Barton,  
Ollie Mayo Ligon,  Granville Vaughan,  
 Elvira Adelaide (Ligon) Perkinson (1829-1916),  
Dr. Edward W. Perkinson,  
Orah Kerenhappuch Perkinson,  Joseph Albertus Jones,  
William Edward Perkinson,  
 Lavenia Elizabeth (Ligon) Blanton (1830-1874),  
Walker Burton Blanton,   
Minor Botts Blanton,  
Ida Elizabeth Blanton,  
Kerenhappuch Nancy Blanton,  
Warren Walker Burton Baker Blanton,  
Stuart Thornton Blanton,  
James Ligon Blanton,  
Lavenia Walker Blanton,  
 Louis E. Ligon,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Joseph Ligon - Civil War  

Names on the map
Warrenton, Fayette County, Texas, named for Warren Baker Burton Ligon  

Selected sources
Ligon, William D. Jr. The Ligon Family and Connections 2 vols., 1947. • Volumes devoted to the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Ligon, including William Ligon, William Ligon, William Ligon, Thomas Ligon, and William Baxter Ligon.
Ligon, Woodfin V. Jr. “Ligon,” Cumberland County Virginia and Its People. Cumberland: Cumberland County Historical Society, Inc., 1983:147-148. • Family of Kerenhappuch Walker and William Baxter Ligon.

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