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 108   David Blanton (c.1765-1823)
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David Blanton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, David Blanton might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Spotsylvania County about 1765 to Richard Blanton and Joanna Anderson. When I was about 15, my folks moved our family to Southside Virginia, settling in Cumberland County about four miles north of Farmville.
I married a Presbyterian, Lucy Frances Johns, in 1793, and we had 6 sons and 2 daughters. We named one of our sons Anderson Tinsley Blanton for his two grandmothers, Joanna Anderson and Harriet Tinsley.
No records show that I served during the Revolution although many men my age did. I was certainly a proponent of liberty since I named my second son James Madison Blanton for the Virginian who wrote the Bill of Rights.
“High Hill,” about 5 miles east of here, was home to Capt. William Walker and his big family. Not only did my daughter and two of my sons marry three of his children, I had another three sons who married three of his granddaughters!
My farm was one of the largest in the county—more than 1,500 acres when I died in 1823. Lucy loved the Presbyterian Church so much I think she hung on to age 94 just so she could be buried in the cemetery of the new Browns Church that was built in 1858.
My son Reuben, who was just a boy when I died, lived in Amelia County where his daughter married one of the Hillsman boys who grew up along Saylers Creek just 10 miles east of my farm.

David’s children, James, Lindsay, and Frances Blanton married Capt. William Walker’s children, Nancy Thornton Walker, Rebecca Baker Walker, and William Baker Burton Walker, respectively, and his sons, Joseph, Willis and Reuben Blanton married Capt. Walker’s granddaughters, Susannah Lisette Walker, Martha A.E. Ligon, and Ann Jane Elizabeth Ligon, respectively.
David appeared first on the personal property tax rolls of Cumberland County in 1792. A detailed roll of 1804 showed Nelson Blanton, presumably his eldest son, living in his household. Although we have placed Nelson as David’s son, his mother may not have been Lucy. David was taxed on two horses and 4 slaves in 1800. 
On 19 Dec. 1805 David Blanton and his wife, Lucy, sold 35¼ acres in Cumberland County and from about 1808 until 1817, they made 8 land purchases. The Census of 1810 enumerated David and his wife, both aged 26 to 44, with 8 males and one female in their household. He then owned 16 slaves. 

Deaths of David and Lucy
David Blanton died in 1823. They inventoried his estate 9 Nov. 1825, and two years later, in Sept. 1827, they divided his property. Lucy received a 283-acre dower portion and each child received between 120 and 280 acres plus $500. 
Lucy, who lived to be ninety-four, died in Dec. 1859 and was the first person buried at Browns Church cemetery.

Brown’s Church
The original Browns Church, a frame building, was erected before 1794 and it’s first pastor was Dr. Jesse Scott Armistead, father-in-law of David’s grandson, Dr. Philip Southall Blanton. Rev. James Morton Wharey, who served from 1868-76, was married to David’s granddaughter, Mary Walker Blanton.
The existing church was built in 1858 from red bricks baked in a kiln behind the church.

Descendants of David Blanton
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Nelson Blanton (c.1786-),  
Elizabeth Crisp,  John Crisp Sr.,  
Meredith Blanton,   
 Anderson Tinsley Blanton (c.1798-1852),  
Elizabeth Pitt Vawter,  Edward Vawter,  Sarah Lee,  
Edward Anderson Blanton,  Mary Ann Elizabeth Miller,   
William Walker Ligon,   
William Harrison,  
John Graves,  
Sarah Ann Judith Blanton,  Francis Harfield Timberlake,  
Johanna Vawter Blanton,  James Oliver Scott,  Peter Scott,  Mary Elizabeth Courtice,  Edna Edward Elizabeth Blanton,   
Lucy Frances Blanton,  
Leander Miller Blanton,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Cpl. Lee Blanton,  
Clara Lydia McConnell,  Dr. John Martin McConnell,  Lydia Ring,  Mary Virginia McConnell,  Morse,  
Edward Anderson Blanton,  
Adolphus Anderson Blanton,  Anna Fowlkes Miller,  Allen Miller,  Sarah E. Fowlkes,  Madison Barksdale Blanton,   Mary Lee Blanton,   
Edna Edward Elizabeth Blanton,  James Oliver Scott,  Johanna Vawter Blanton,   Lucy Frances Blanton,   
Thomas Lewis Blanton,  Elizabeth Timberlake,  Stella (Crane) French,  John Blanton French,   
William Allen Anderson Blanton,  
Edward Anderson Blanton,  Elizabeth Somers Howard,  George C. Howard,  Elizabeth McConnell,  
Mary Edward Blanton,  
Alexander Monroe Blanton,  Martha R. Amos,  Henry Amos,  Mary Miller,  
Ann Eliza Blanton,  Benjamin Baldwin,  
Henry Anderson Blanton,  Louise M. Taylor,  
Edmonia Blanton,  
George Wyatt Blanton,  Cinia G. Newman,  
Sarah A.E. Blanton,  John M. Hammondtree,  
Mary Frances Blanton,  Seymour Reynolds,  
 James Madison Blanton (1796-1852),  
Nancy Thornton Walker,   
Mary Anne Thornton Walker,   
William David Blanton,  Rebecca Frances Leigh,  Joseph Dobbs Leigh Jr.,  Sophia Taylor,  
Erastus Lee Blanton,  Annie Tinsley,  
Nannie Sophia Blanton,  
James Joseph Blanton,  Mary William Wood,  Edmund Wood,  Elvira Angelina Johnson,  
James Blair Blanton,  Alma Laroche Bonavita,  Francisco Marionaldo Bonavita,  
Frances Elviry Thornton Blanton,  
Mara Ophelia Blanton,  
John William Blanton,  
Clarence Verdry Blanton,  
Charles Moody Blanton,  
Helen Converse Blanton,  
Jesse Milton Blanton,  
Dr. John Wilson Blanton,  
Willis S. Blanton,  Ayers,  
William Blair Blanton,  Maggie —,  
Julia Thornton Blanton,  Coley Baskerville,  
Frank Blanton,  Wood,  
Nannie Sophia Blanton,  Martin,  
Mary Walker Blanton,  Jack Seymour,  
Jesse Blanton,  Bessie McDearman,  
Sarah Elizabeth Blanton,  
Mary Walker Blanton,  William Anderson Walker,   
Mary Walker,  
Walker Burton Blanton,  Lavenia Elizabeth Ligon,   
Virginia Willis Blanton,   
Judith Anne Thornton Blanton,  
Dr. James Madison Blanton,  Sarah Joseph Leigh,  Joseph Dobbs Leigh Jr.,  Sophia Taylor,  
Capt. James Thornton,  
Nancy Thornton Blanton,   
Madison Barksdale Blanton,  Sarah Walker Miller,  
James Miller Blanton,  Alice Hobson,  
Annie Wharey Blanton,  Thomas Leitchfield Timberlake,  Sarah Ann Judith Blanton,   
Grace Madison Blanton,  
Robert Bain Blanton,  Robert Lee Blanton,  Frances Cauthorne,  Belle Gilliam Marshall,  
Elizabeth Leigh Blanton,  Dr. Roscoe C. Carnal,  Frank VanVoorhis,  
Nancy Thornton Blanton,  
Rutherford Edwin Douglas Blanton,  Drusilla Douglas,  Dr. Rutherford Douglas,  
Edna Young Blanton,  Taylor Smith,  G. Taylor Smith,  
Sarah Reed Blanton,  William Lockett Vaughan,  Samuel W. Vaughan,  Lucy Townes Lockett,   
Katherine Thornton Vaughan,  S. Southall Farrar,  
Louise Vaughan,  Maynard French,  
Mabel Lee Vaughan,  
William Lockett Vaughan,  Bessie Bondurant,  
Mildred Watkins Vaughan,  Richard Walthall,  
Helen Vaughan,  Jasper Wilson,  
James Blanton Vaughan,  
Sarah E. Vaughan,  
Lucy Jane Blanton,  
Billy Beauregard Blanton,  
Allen Blanton,  
Nancy Thornton Blanton,  Samuel Fleming Badgett,  
James Madison Blanton III,  
Mary Lee Blanton,  Adolphus Anderson Blanton,   
Robert Lee Blanton,  
Dr. Philip Southall Blanton,  Nannie Miller Armistead,   William Armistead Jr.,  Judith Ann Blanton,   
Edmund Eggleston,  
James Trueheart Blanton,  
Jessie Blanton,  William L. Johnson,  
Prescott Southall Blanton,  Kate Farris,  
Philip Southall Blanton,  
Dr. Charles Armistead Blanton,  Dr. William Stoddert,  
Elizabeth Brown Wallace,  Howson Hooe Wallace Jr.,  Elizabeth Skyre Crouch,  
Elizabeth Skyrin Blanton,  
Dr. Howson Wallace Blanton,  
Dr. Wyndham Bolling Blanton,  Natalie Friend McFadden,  
Dr. Wyndham Bolling Blanton,  
Dr. Frank McFadden Blanton,  
Charles Armistead Blanton II,  
Natalie Blanton,  
Marie Paige Blanton,  
Martha Wilson Blanton,  
Francis Baker Blanton,  Eliza Gilman Dielle,  
Benjamin Watkins Leigh Blanton,  Virginia Wicker,  
Mary Walker Blanton,  William Swepston Overton,   
Rev. James Morton Wharey,  
William Swepston Overton,  
Dr. James B. Wharey,  
Nannie Wharey,  W.R. Grey,  
Bessie Wharey,  C.L. Grey,  
 Willis Blanton (1802-1840),  
Martha A.E. Ligon,   William Walker Ligon,   
Elizabeth A. Jeter,   
Martha W. Blanton,  James D. Walthall,  Reuben Blanton,   Rev. G.N. Winfree,  
Elizabeth Blanton,   
Lucy Jane Blanton,  
Thomas Willis Blanton,  Martha F. Bruce,  
Mary Blanton,  Dr. Chesley Wood,  
Judith Ward Blanton,  Christopher C. Lockett,  
Nannie Webster Blanton,  Thomas A. Morton,  
Virginia Willis Blanton,  Walker Burton Blanton,   
Elizabeth Blanton,  Edward Blackborn Hughes,  Martha Hughes Ligon,  John Woodfin Hughes,  James D. Ligon,   Lucy Hughes,  
 Lindsay Blanton (-1829),  
Rebecca Baker Walker,   
Rev. William Lindsay Blanton,  Maria Frances Goode,   
Thomas Lindsay Blanton,  Eugenia Webb,  Gen. William Graham Webb,  Sarah Ann Hill,  
Thomas Lindsay Blanton,  
Judith Frances Blanton,  John W. French,  
William Lindsay French,  Mollie Coleman,  
Francis French,  
Rev. Dr. J. Adolphus French,  Fannie Madison,  
Benjamin French,  
John Blanton French,  Stella Crane,  
Mary R. French,  William Taylor Dabney Jr.,  
Edward Brown French,  
Bolton French,  
Charles French,  Florence Harwood,  
May Blanton,  
Allen S. Blanton,  
R. Adolphus Blanton,  
Elizabeth Blanton,  James D. Walthall,  Martha W. Blanton,   
Fannie Walthall,  Southall,  
Ann Rebecca Walthall,  Ligon,  
William Walthall,  
Lindsey Blanton Walthall,  Martha Susan Overton,   
Mollie Walthall,  
Richard Walthall,  
Susan Walthall,  Richard Henry Hillsman,   
 Joseph Philip Blanton (1802-1882),  
Susannah Lisette Walker,   
Mary (Faris) Crank,  
Dr. John William Blanton,  Sarah Lightner Pollard,  William Pollard,  
Dr. Rev. Lindsey Hughes Blanton,  
Elizabeth Irvine,  Myra Bracken,  
David Anderson Blanton,  
Frances Camilla Blanton,  Jesse Scott Armistead,   Dr. Hugh Lawrence Blanton,   
Lelia Morton Blanton,  Rev. Benjamin Hunter Dupuy,  
Susan Catherine Blanton,  
Julia Hopkins Blanton,  
Josie Blanton,  
Lucy Johns Blanton,  
Mary Blanton,  
Hugh Lawrence Blanton,  
Belle Blanton,  
Lizzie Blanton,  
David Lindsay Blanton,  
Anna Blanton,  James A. Grigg,  
Morton Blanton,  Nannie Eanes,  
Dr. Joseph Philip Blanton,  Anna Craig Bell,  
Daniel L. Blanton,  
Susan Thornton Blanton,  
 Reuben Blanton (1808-1853),  
 Judith Ann (Blanton) Armistead Phaup (c.1798-1835),  
William Armistead,  Nannie Miller Armistead,   Dr. Philip Southall Blanton Sr.,   William Anderson,  
Thomas Turner Tuggle,   
William Phaup,  Thomas W. Crowder,  
Lucy Ann Armistead,  Thomas Bailey McGehee,  James McGehee,   Martha Atkinson,  
John Thomas McGehee,  
James William McGehee,  
Judith Frances Atkinson McGehee,  Rev. Robert Gills,  
Martha Elizabeth McGehee,  James Edwin Clarke,  Thomas B. Clarke,  Elizabeth Anne Palmore,  
Nancy E. McGehee,  James H. Anderson,  
Mary J. McGehee,  Dr. Richard Wood,  
Lucy Thomas McGehee,  James Edwin Clarke,  
James Monroe Armistead,  Caroline Dielle,  Mary Dielle,  Rev. John Dielle,  Caroline Adriance Platt,  
Caroline Adriance Armistead,  
Maria Theresa Armistead,  
Annie Dielle Armistead,  
William J. Armistead,  
William Anderson Armistead,  Frances Anne Flippen,  R. Flippen,  Manerva Clatilde Palmore,  
James D. Crump,  
Nannie A. Armistead,  James D. Crump,  
Lula E. Armistead,  
Fannie Armistead,  
 William Armistead,  
William Jennings,   
Anderson Demandville Abraham,   
Robert Jennings,  Theodosia Jennings,  Anderson,  William Anderson,  William Armistead,  John Armistead,  Hannah Harrison,  
Thomas Walton,  Robert Scruggs,  Jesse Scott Armistead,   William Baughn,  
John Armistead,  Mary Ann Spencer,  Sharpe Spencer,  
William S. Armistead,  
Thomas S. Armistead,  
James Armistead,  
Elizabeth D. Howard,  William Howard,  Sharpe Spencer,  
John H. Armistead,  
James A. Armistead,  Nancy Miller,  Jesse Miller Sr.,  Elizabeth —,  
Elizabeth M. Armistead,  Zachariah Taylor,  
John M. Armistead,  
William M. Armistead,  Emily B. Holman,  George Holman,  
Dr. Jesse Scott Armistead,  Martha Storrs Trueheart,   
James A. Armistead,  Sarah W. Trent,  Alexander Trent,  
Anderson Harrison Armistead,  Elizabeth Langhorne,  Col. Maurice Langhorne,  
Sarah J. Rowan,  
Dr. Thomas DeMoval Armistead,  Martha T. Wilson,  Thomas DeMoval Armistead,  
Ann C. Armistead,  Robert A. Payne,  
Martha Walton Armistead,  
Arianna Frances Jane Armistead,  Robert R. Watkins,  
Hannah B. Armistead,  John Miller,  
Theodotia Armistead,  Rev. Jacob Levi Abraham,  Mordecai Abraham,  Sarah Levy,  
Anderson Demandville Abraham,  
Nancy Armistead,  William Walton,  
Mildred Armistead,  Robert Walton,  
Elizabeth Armistead,  Charles Perrow,  Daniel Perrow,  
Frances Armistead,  Pleasant Tucker,  
 Mary Frances Ann (Blanton) Walker (1811-),  
William Baker Burton Walker,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Leander Miller Blanton - Civil War William A.A. Blanton - Civil War
Harry Anderson Blanton - Civil War Dr. James Madison Blanton - Civil War
Wyndham Bolling Blanton - World War I William Swepstone Overton - Civil War
Thomas Lindsay Blanton Sr. - Civil War Lindsey Hughes Blanton - Civil War
William S. Armistead - War of 1812 James Armistead - War of 1812

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Thomas Lindsay Blanton Jr. - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
Benjamin W.L. Blanton - Virginia  

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Charles Armistead Blanton  

Selected sources
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