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 1008   Mr. Russell
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Jeffrey and Philemon Russell, whom we are tentatively placing as brothers, appeared together before 1750 along Miles Creek in present-day Mecklenburg County. We have yet to identify their parents.

Descendants of Mr. Russell
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Jeffrey Russell (c.1720-1800),  
 Philemon Russell (-1775),  
Edward Brodnax,   
Elizabeth (—) Russell,  
Peter Parrish,  John Thompson,  Humphrey Garrett,  David Mason,  Richard Dennis Sr.,   William Green,  Sarah (—) Green,  
William Cross,   John Cross,  
Philemon Russell,  
John Russell,  
Martha Russell,  Matthew Matthews,  
Jeffrey Russell,  
Sarah Gill,  Henry Gill,  Temperance —,  Elizabeth Russell,  
Richard Russell,  
Elizabeth Russell,  Hamlin Gill,  Peebles,  
Martha Russell,  Peter Jefferson,   John Moody,  
Mary Russell,  
Sarah Russell,  
Rebecca Russell,  William Cabaniss,   
William Russell,  Arthur Turner,  
Ann Russell,  
Mary Russell,  
John Russell,  
Richard Russell,  
George Russell,  
Mary Russell,  
Jenny Russell,  
Sarah Russell,  
Elizabeth Russell,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Jeffrey Russell - Revolutionary War William Russell - Revolutionary War

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